Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This morning we got up extra early and wrangled the babies into the van and down to the cathedral.  Paul has a midterm right about now (prayers please!) and wouldn't be able to make it with us to the EF Mass tonight, so we searched and found the cathedrals earliest Mass so that he could get to school afterwards.  It was the first time I'd been inside the main part of the cathedral... and it is beautiful.  I love the windows.  

I sent Paul off with estimates that he'd get at least five "hey, you've got something right here"s before the day was over.

Now for the inevitable "ash pictures" I snapped after we left Mass!

Sadie likes to pose with her ashes!

She was pretty pleased to get them.

Of course, she's always been pretty excited about them.

This is Sadie on her first Ash Wednesday... she thought it was pretty great then too.

Patrick got sprinkled with ashes.

I think this ash transferred off of my forehead during a snuggle...

Mae's is a barely visible smudge.

And she was less dramatic than she was last year:


  1. I always hope that the distributor gets a perfect cross on my forehead rather than a smudge. I got a smudge this year.

  2. Great pictures! I meant to take some yesterday and didn't (again!) The church we went to this year (not our regular parish) didn't put ashes on the babies. I thought maybe it was just our distributor, but as I looked around I noticed none of the babies had them! Is that weird to you? We've never had that happen before!


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