Thursday, February 28, 2013



Mae is obsessed with shoes.  And one pretty shoe just isn't enough for her these days.  So she mixes and matches.  This was the winning combination on Tuesday... one is a size 9-10 and the other is a size 13 1/2... but it doesn't matter, because Mae Bae loves playing dress up with shoes:


Is there anything better than a fort?  A pink princess fort?

She found every princess doll in the house that she's accumulated over a lifetime of princess collecting (and stealing any princess dolls that her little sister happens to be given...):

And the princess party commenced:


Sometimes you just need to get away from a princess party.

And this is one of Mae's favorite forts:

Daddy's big rocking chair is a close second:


This is how we've spending a lot of our days lately.  Sadie sets up the fort.  And then we lay on the ground or the couch and read Little House on the Prairie books.  We're on the fourth book now and I think we'll finish the entire collection before spring makes an appearance.  But I don't mind, because they're an awfully cuddly bunch!


  1. Not sure if it worked before. Having some Google issues at the moment.

  2. Ooo...thanks so much for posting that link Baroness Von Korf. My 8yo is reading LHOP for school and those are perfect for her!!!


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