Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Five Favorites

I decided to join in the Five Favorite's fun!


I just sent Paul an email telling him that if he happened to be stopping off at the store when he was done pouring over books in the library I wouldn't be against him bringing home a bag or two of these:

from Gimbal's Website.

They became my favorite treat during the elimination diet.  Now they are my favorite treat post elimination diet.  They're dairy, egg, fish, gluten, peanut, shell fish, soy and tree nut free.  They're made in the US.  And they're oh, so good.  

See, this is what I miss about not being pregnant.  My cravings text messages about licorice dogs aren't taken seriously (or seen as life and death matters).  And so I have little licorice scotty dogs on the brain, but not in my hand...


If you don't sew you might look at this little bobbin tower and wonder how useful it could possibly be.... but let me tell you, it is high up on my list of "most useful things" at the moment.  I got it when I had some super coupons, and was tired of chasing after my tangled bag of bobbins that quickly turned into a jumbled mass of thread.  The bobbins just snap in and stop trailing thread everywhere.  It is a must if you do a lot of sewing and are constantly switching out different colored threads.

Picture from the Joann's Website

It's saving me quite a bit of time and thread (and I am nerd-ily excited about it)!


Oh my.  Yes, that's what you think it is:

from Crunch Daddy website
Maple and Bacon popcorn.  Need I say more?


I had the opportunity to pick out a dress at Old Navy recently.  I saw this one and thought... maybe...

From Old Navy
And then I tried it on.  Now let's be clear.  It looks pretty different on me.  I'm not 6' tall so it's knee length, which is just perfect!  But I love the stripes.  I don't think this picture quite does it justice, because the model is already perfect, so it doesn't show how flattering the dress actually is!  The stripes are surprisingly slimming, especially for being practically horizontal.  I am a fan!


This might be my very, very favorite item in the house at the moment:
Photo from Target
You see, someone doesn't think they need to wear clothes anymore.  And now even sleepers aren't slowing her down.  The solution, after I found this particular toddler prancing around in a diaper (apparently she can now escape from her sleepers), is a backwards sleeper.  Now to see if it's still on in the morning...


  1. Bacon and maple is kind of my new favorite combo! I recently had a maple glazed doughnut with bacon on top and it was amazing!!

  2. I love the look of that dress, but I'm not sure how often I'd wear it since it doesn't seem to have pockets (my problem with most dresses in stores). Do you tend to add your own to dresses or have you just adjusted to not having them?

  3. I'm with you on the bonin tree. I LOVE IT!

  4. Bethany- I usually don't modify them (at least not for pockets, although I just saw a tutorial, so I've been thinking about it more), but I almost always have a jacket on that has pockets, so I think that's why it hasn't bothered me as much lately!

  5. I have the same issue with a toddler right now. I feel your pain!! Mine lives in footed sleepers too. But instead of turning them backwards I have been using a diaper pin to hold the zipper up. Works like a charm!


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