Thursday, April 25, 2013

Theme Thursday: Sky Takes

When I saw these weeks Theme Thursday theme I jumped up and down (okay, internal jumping up and down, because there's just no energy to spare for real jumping up and down at the moment), because I just knew I'd taken an awesome picture of a bird in the sky this week that would be perfect.  And look!  Look!  Look!  The sky is blue!  Flawless blue.  Perfect blue.  Which if you read Cari's post you know is not the norm around here.  Three times I looked outside yesterday and saw snowflakes.  So this blue made me very, very happy when it was here for that single solitary glorious spring day.  

But then I went and looked at the actual picture and was like:  Hmmm... not quite the spectacular piece of photography I was hoping when I saw it on the teeny tiny screen of my not so awesome camera.  Will it be better if I crop it in?  No.  No it won't.  

But come on you guys!  The sky is blue!
 So I decided to cheat a little and show you my favorite sky pictures ever taken on my camera (okay, my good camera, a couple of cameras ago).

First, one of my favorite Northern California skies, from a place I will be standing in a little over a month:

When I saw this one I had to add it.  This would be the sky on the day that Paul proposed, down in Marin County.  He's probably going to claim he took it.  He probably did.

And the sky above the Nini and G.G.'s orchard on the most beautiful of cloudy days in Nor Cal:

Hopefully those last three made up for my abysmal attempt this week.  That camera.  Can I blame the camera?  Okay, it might not be totally the camera's fault...

Anyways, for beautiful sky pictures from Theme Thursday visit Cari's linkup over at Clan Donaldson!


  1. Those are all so beautiful! It think you won this theme..contest!

  2. Oh my gosh. That river picture- and then the rainbow. Amazing!!!

  3. Excellent! You really captured Northern California. It is so beautiful there. I have only been once, but it was amazing. We drove from San Franciso to Napa and our kids slept the whole drive. One of the most beautiful drives of my life.

  4. Those are stunning!nreally truly beautiful, each in its own way.

  5. The sky in all its moods! Well done!

  6. All beautiful pictures. Even the first one. I love the way the little bird looks in it.

  7. Love your rainbow. So sweet. =)


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