Friday, April 26, 2013

Sadie and Mae's Big Surprise

I just took my boots off and complained to my mom on the phone that it was "hot" here today.  Then I got online, entered our zip code, and found that the temperature topped out at 59 degrees today.  So... I'm taking after Sadie with the delusions of it being way hotter than it actually is (and yes, I am enjoying it!).

An email arrived today, that made the girls' whole week.  Actually, it may have made their whole year.  You see, the email said that I needed to go to Toys R Us to pick up a package that Nani and Grumpa had shipped for the girls.  This is what followed:

Paul set out the pieces of the fort before going back to study:

And then I got to work:

There was a struggle over the steering wheel as I was trying to fasten it in place:

I got this far on my own (or kind of on my own... since I had a lot of help!):

Paul came down from studying and squeezed the ladder and slide into place.  

And it was time to play!

There's an area underneath for hiding:

A window for playing Rapunzel:

 Two climbing walls on either side of it for our little climbers: 

There was a competition over the slide:

Sadie climbed  the wall about 50 times:

The sliding fun went on and on:

Then Mae decided to go back to playing in the dirt:

You can probably guess what Patrick was doing
(this was before he and Giraffe had their disagreement):

Mae tried to eat a pine cone.  Chasing ensued:

And Sadie joined in the digging fun!

What a day!  


  1. They must have been excited beyond words! I would have fainted with delight if someone had built me one of those when I was little. Such fun!!!


  2. The fort looks like fun! The kids look like they're having a great time in the yard.


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