Thursday, April 18, 2013

{phfr} Blue Sky Edition

It's raining right now.  It rained all night, along with gigantic claps of thunder, and lightening that managed to light up the room through the cracks in the very heavy curtains in our room.  In fact, the weather man, who's words I've come to dread a little said something about making sure everything's ready for flooding, so I'm not looking forward to going down into the basement this morning, since there's nothing that we can do about the ground water rising up into the house. Is it flooded again?  It had just dried out a couple of days ago.  I guess I'll see when I go down there this morning...

So, for today's post, I wanted to use pictures from a day earlier this week (Tuesday) when it was lovely and bright and not raining and my basement was not flooded...


Surely there are prettier pictures out there, but this one, with the sun filtering down, the grass starting to turn green and a copy of the book the girls and I are currently reading made me so happy that I kept coming back to it.  

And do you see that?  In the background at the top left hand edge of the corner?  It's blue sky!

And a girl who may or may not be seeing a clear outline of her shadow (or any shadow at all) for the first time in quite a while!

And here!  Actual blue sky!  Also, do you know how hard it is for me to get a picture of Mae without her hair completely across her face, since she's in the "don't you dare touch my hair" phase?

I vote this picture a success!  I can see her eyes!


My go to guy when I need a "happy" picture.  At least he currently holds still while I snap away, making capturing a smile much, much easier:

Daddy's home from school and outside!  And the girls were "helping" him rake (there's even a picture of Mae attempting to use a shovel).  What could be better?

Princess Races.  And yes, that giant bludgeoning stick Mae insists on carrying does make me nervous (and extra watchful):


Sadie is following in my footsteps.  I love hot foods.  I love peppers.  And when I was pregnant I really, really loved peppers.  Apparently my love of peppers has been passed on to my oldest.

She has begun to come into the kitchen to beg for peppers.  I was a little hesitant, but finally handed her one with a warning that they're hot.  Now she's requesting them throughout the day!


Why yes, we play in the mud!

Although this mud was the least of my problems the other day.  I usually clean the downstairs every night after bedtime... on Monday night that I didn't (migraine) and I was amazed at how much worse it could actually get after two days of not cleaning (because each night I think, the mess couldn't possibly be worse than this!).  This picture is on the second day.  I cropped it really, really close, so that you can only see a little bit of the "real" background.

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  1. You are not alone in only discovering exactly how ridiculously much child debris has accumulated, until you take a picture. I think people without stuff on the floor under the furniture must not really live in their houses.

  2. Now that I am keeping the grandchildren I can so identify!


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