Tuesday, April 16, 2013


When tragedy strikes, like yesterdays attack at the Boston Marathon, I always feel like I should have some amazing blog post spilling from my finger tips.  It never happens though.  Because instead I just feel a mixture of sadness and horror and thankfulness for my sister-in-law who posted that everyone in the family was accounted for before I even knew that anything had happened since I hadn't been online or seen the news all day, and didn't know what happened until my mom called from California where people in the fabric store she was in were asking if anyone had updates on what was going on.

I  turned off Dora, which had been on all day since we're still a house of sick people here, although who's sick seems to be rotating, and turned on the news and watched with that same sinking feeling I had after the shootings in December... the same drop in my stomach when I heard about 9/11 on the radio and wondered if it was some sort of hoax (because it was a radio station where the DJs were never serious about anything) and then saw my friends face as I pulled into the parking lot and knew instantly that it was not.

And I also knew, as I watched that cloud from the blast form over and over again on the news, that I had absolutely nothing to say of value to say or to add... because what can be said in the face of such evil, other than that it's wrong, so very wrong, which we all already know?

So we add our prayers to the many prayers being sent up for the people hurt and killed at the race yesterday, but beyond that I'm sure that there are many posts already out there that make so much more sense and add so much more to the moment than my simply repeated:  "Why?  Why? Why?" which is playing on repeat in my mind.

Prayers for the people of Boston, all those at the race, and for the conversion of those who planned and put into motion this great evil.  May God touch there hearts so that they may realize the horror of what they've done.

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  1. These periodic manifestations of evil are so horrifying and discouraging; sadly, they seem to occur with increasing regularity.

    The son of good friends was one of the first EMTs on the scene, and said he felt as if he was in a "horror movie"; we will likely never know just how gruesome a scene it was. Thank God, none of our other family and friends in the Boston area happened to be there (though several are runners...)



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