Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Randomness

I don't have a What I Wore Sunday post, or really any post of substance at all, because, after two days of a migraine my brain is mush.  I am still in my pajamas.  Paul took Sadie to Mass at the Church around the corner.  And I did something really, really dumb, not realizing how dumb it was in my migraine haze.

I woke up this morning and took a dose of Tylenol Sleep.  Diphenhydramine makes my migraines go away like that.  Okay, it takes a couple hours but still... when your on Day 2 of a horrible, horrible headache that feels like a tiny miracle.

Then I went downstairs and nursed Patrick and realized why I hadn't taken a diphenhydramine pill up until that point.  Patrick's allergy appointment is tomorrow.  The appointment that they called to confirm twice, to remind me not to give him any sort of allergy medication this week.  The appointment I've been obsessing over.

And that sent me into a panic.  Will the diphenhydramine from nursing mean that the appointment tomorrow is a loss, and we'll have to reschedule and wait another two months for an opening?  I'm praying that's not the case.  I'm hoping that when I tell them they assure me that it's a tiny amount that doesn't matter.  But yeah.  I'm feeling pretty dumb right now.

Sadie did try on the dress that I designed today.  I made the pattern up myself and made the dress from it.  I'm planning on selling them at the craft fair and in my store (along with the quilts) eventually (once they're made up).

So here's my first pattern design!  I was going for something little girl appropriate, since Sadie has apparently crossed the threshold of sizes where little girls are expected to dress like grown women out for a night on the town.  It wasn't easy to get a good picture though... She was feeling silly:

The auto red eye correct didn't do the greatest job here...
And that is our day...

Here's hoping the allergy appointment isn't a disaster because of this mornings mistake...


  1. What size is Sadie in now? Your children are giants by the way. You can totally thank the giant you married.

  2. Length wise she's a 7. 7s are a little big width wise, but her 6x's are getting too short.

    And I totally blame Paul!

  3. LOL! The dress is cute. I relate to the clothing in the stores being totally not OK. I'm probably going to add ruffled skirts to some t-shirts and let mine wear them over leggings and jeans.

  4. I'm guessing that they don't want Patrick to have taken it since they probably see older children. I wouldn't worry....

  5. Cute dress, Cam! I can totally relate to your clothing dilemma. My daughter is 14 and bigger than me...everywhere! She can barely fit in the juniors clothing (which is way too short in the bottoms and too low cut in the tops for any "junior" anyway) and does not want to look like mom wearing stuff from the women's dept. it's a constant battle. I wish I'd stuck with my home ec skills from high school...
    Sent you an email regarding the snoods. Check it out when you get a chance. Thanks, Eastlyn


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