Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The End of the Year!

Paul finished his last class for the year yesterday.  I should be excited, yes?

No.  No, no, no.

In two weeks I will be excited.  Right now I'm like:  "Quick, where's the fast forward button!!!!  I hate finals!!!  I hate law school finals!!!!  They are horrrrrrrrrrrrrrible!!!!!!!!!"

And I'm not even taking them.

Then there's the storm that's supposed to be arriving today and flooding my basement for a third time.  I'm also not totally thrilled about that, although if I had to choose between flooding and finals I would take flooding any day of the week.

Actually, despite the flooding and the finals, I'm in pretty good spirits this morning.  Paul brought me home a package of licorice last night, so it could be a sugar high.  Or the copious amounts of sun we soaked up yesterday while counting cop cars (I noticed we average one driving by approximately every ten minutes) before Sadie began to beg we go inside because 60 degrees was "too hot."  Or the amount of laughing I did while watching Mae.

Mae was in fine form yesterday.  She insisted on wearing her brother's 18 month super man shirt and cape.  You know the one that looks like this on him:

Yeah, well it looks like this on her:

She also followed me around trying to eat the onion sets I was planting and then dug one up after I was done.  I believe she ate that one because it disappeared before I could even stand up from where I was sitting with Patrick.  She found some water in a planter and made a mud puddle.  Oh and she did something so naughty that I won't even mention it here because of the potential for future embarrassment on her part.

I also felt kind of silly, sitting out in the garden with a silly grin on my face, when I reached in my pocket and found these:

The jacket, which I haven't worn in a while, apparently accompanied me on the weekend Paul proposed all of seven plus years ago.  Because I remember lining those up on the table after getting them out of one of those little toy vending machines when we went out to pizza on our way home from the beach and stuffing them in my pocket, and now every few years I run across them and end up with a big goofy grin, before I put them back in their little zippered compartment to find again at some later date.

Now to go downstairs and pack Paul a lunch so that he can disappear into the library until dinner time, and then again until all hours of the night.  Do I dare hope it doesn't rain today?  More outside time would be nice... as would less water in the basement!

If you have a moment for a "let law school finals go well" prayer I know it would be greatly appreciated.  Since I know the "fast forward button" prayer probably won't work...

Two more weeks.  Then we'll have five years of graduate school under our belts with one more to go.  Go... go... go...  I'm so ready for graduation!


  1. It's good to see you guys are finally seeing a break in the weather!

    (I'm not even a parent and Patrick's ludicrous smiles make me happy. Clearly, you folks are doing something right.)

  2. Prayers going up for Paul. Finals are never fun. And for you, since you seem to be having pseudo-finals pains, too! I'm so pleased you and your family are doing well!!! Joy to you and yours!

  3. Oh man law school finals are the absolute worst!!! And it's so hard to be the one at home, because it's not like studying is scheduled class time - you want your husband to be home as much as possible but don't want him to sacrifice his grades for time with the family...

    I think one of the absolute worst times of my life was the summer when Andrew was studying for the bar - John Paul was 10 months old, I was pregnant with Cecilia, and John Paul was going through one of those "wake up at 5 AM and never nap!" phases. He turned 1 right before Andrew took the exam, so we didn't even celebrate his birthday at all, except for half a popsicle that I let him have...

    SO many prayers - going through that with 3 kids has to be tough!

  4. Prayers for finals! Leo finishes two weeks from now, but he doesn't seem too stressed about it,just yet. I'm looking forward to moving soon.

  5. I still shudder at the thought of law school finals. The only thing that is worse was the bar exam. My now-husband and I didn't even speak in the 1.5 hr car ride home from the exam. Not that we weren't on speaking terms but that we were too exhausted to muster a conversation. hang in there!


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