Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Ouchies" in the Air...

Yesterday was one of those crazy, crazy, crazy days where you wonder how these little people sprint and sliding around the living room got to be so wild (I think it was the sunny icy blue weather outside, that looked like spring, while being frozen all at the same time).

Anyways, I learned a lot yesterday... like that Ring-Around-the-Rosy can in fact be turned into a full contact sport, especially if you hold hands, sprint in a circle and then just let go, so that you and your sister (who's also agreed to take part in the craziness) go smashing onto the  hard wood floor at remarkable speeds.  When Mom says: "Hey girls, let's settle down a little bit." You look at her with wide, guilty looking eyes, and wait until she goes into the kitchen to make lunch to do it again.

Going into the kitchen to make lunch, where my very first batch of homemade yogurt was sitting in their little capsule waiting to be done, brought about the next fun surprise of the day.  I heard a I-didn't-listen-to-you-and-now-I-went-and-got-myself-hurt sort of scream and raced to get into the living room.  And what did I find.  Sadie had tripped over an apple that her sister had eaten and tossed onto the floor... and had managed to hit the ground face first.  

My first attempt at yogurt making.  It looked good!
Now to go downstairs to try it!
Her hands were over her face, but I could see blood (although thankfully nothing like the Water Park Tongue Incident of 2012).  It turns out that she bit through her lip, and managed to get a bruise on her cheek (you can see it forming in the picture above) which matches the one below her eye that I'd commented on earlier in the morning, while asking if her sister had hit or pinched her (I suspect pinched, because Mae thinks pinching cheeks is really hilarious, despite my repeated attempts at discouraging this painful habit).  Sadie had assured me that she was fine and "Mae didn't do anything." which I believe is her first attempt at covering for her little sister.

I asked if I could see the ouchie.  The answer was no.  Could I hold her?  Nope.  Could she tell me what hurt?  Another firm no.  Her hands were firmly over her mouth in an attempt to keep me from seeing anything.  Would she hold some ice on it if I got it for her?  Absolutely not.  Did she want a blanket so I could bundle her up on the couch?  That question finally got a yes.  I had called Paul at the first site of blood (he was home sick yesterday with some sort of horrible flu/migraine combo) and she told him she didn't even want him sitting on the couch (although that request was ignored).

At lunch time half an hour later, I asked her how she was, and she replied in a rather glum voice:  "Great!" 

And at dinner, the topic came up again and this time she explained why she hadn't wanted anyone to touch her.  "Well."  She said with a rather swollen looking smile.  "I didn't want anyone to catch the ouchie from me.  That's why I didn't want you to touch me Mommy."

I might have melted a little at these words, because she sounded so serious and concerned.

I think our talks about covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze may have gone a bit too far.  And I found myself racking my brain later on, because I think I might have made a joke, that was apparently taken literally, earlier in the week when she and her sister both did something and hurt themselves, about "ouchies going around."  

So we had another talk about how "ouchies aren't something you catch like a germ..." which she hopefully believes.

And hopefully today will be a little less eventful... although I can't say I'm counting on it!

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  1. I think I cough Paul's ouchie. I have the same ache, chilled, migraine, nausea, spinning world thing. I hope it goes away soon because I would like to go back to work sometime soon.


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