Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Sadie's Communion Dash Edition

Today we went to an ordinary form Mass.  It is close enough that we can easily walk and we're particularly fortunate because not only do we have a EF Mass down the road, but we have a marvelously reverent OF Mass that I enjoyed attending immensely.  I was hoping it would help get the wiggles out of the little ones (okay, really out of the middle one!).  And it did.  I put her in the carrier when we got to the church and she slept until after communion.

There was incense, but Patrick seemed unaffected, with the exception of his eczema blossoming across his little face as he slept.  I think the fact that the ceiling is much higher in this church (it's like a normal ceiling in the crypt) helped quite a bit.

You may be unsurprised to know that in a particularly bold move Sadie tried to step away from me in the communion line and stuck out her little tongue in her 157th attempt at tricking the priest into receiving.  I made a sort of reaching move to block her mouth as the priest smiled in a way that made me think he was probably laughing on the inside too, and blessed her.  

Now for the outfits.  I'll start with the littlest:

Patrick is spending most of his time these days in 18 month sleepers.  I can hardly believe he's already in them, length wise, but they're definitely a clothes saver with the twice a day vaseline/crisco treatments.  I don't want vaseline and crisco all over everything and the sleepers contain the mess.  Still, on Sunday's I risk his non-sleeper clothes and he gets dressed up (which is relative I guess).

First I was pleased that these pants, which like the rest of his outfit are from the baby second hand store, had adjustable elastic in the waist.  Otherwise there's no way they would have stayed in place.

Sadie helped by sitting next to his head and forming his hair into a vaseline and crisco mohawk.  She wore a hand me down size 10 dress that she fits into (amazingly... she isn't a size 10!) and a cardigan from the second hand store:

He seems to like his sister-styled hair:

Then it was time to wrestle him into his shirt and shoes and he was ready to go:

Mae acts like getting out of her pajamas is some sort of a tragedy.  It got worse when her sister tried to hug her to take a "sisters" picture.  She wore a dress that the Baroness gave her, a sweater that her sister agreed to lend her, hand me down leggings and her new Payless sandals.  She also wore a frown while we were getting ready that was all her own.

On the bright side, no one was pinched in the taking of this picture and that really is something.

Here are Patrick and Daddy at the park after Mass.

And here's Patrick and Daddy at the very end of Mass.  My camera took a long time to take the picture and Daddy was done smiling:

Here we are on the walk home.  Yes, Mae has a leash on.  No, I'm not ashamed of it.

If you had a Mae you would have a leash too.

If you have a "Mae" you understand.

And finally my outfit for What I Wore Sunday!

After seeing this picture I'm not really sure how I feel about this dress when I'm not pregnant.  It is a maternity dress (from Target), but I never felt like it was strictly a maternity dress.  But now I'm not sure.  It might go into the maternity box... The shrug is from JCPenny's clearance wrack.  The shoes are little girls shoes from Walmart.  My almost-every-week black belt is around my waist.  And the scarf which is wrapped kind of like a tichel, was my grandmothers.  Oh and I was wearing a necklace, but Mae, who I wore for all of Mass (and who was oh so thankfully asleep) broke it when we were walking out the door:

Now I'm marveling at the fact that I need to start making dinner.  Where did this day go to?  How is it 4:44 here?

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  1. I used a leash with my first child. She was the only one who needed it...but others haven't been runners/bolters...but she was. I completely understand.

  2. We used a leash with our first two for when we were in stores or crowded places where it's oh so fun to run away from Mommy. The oldest mortified me one day in Target when she got down on all fours and started to bark. The middle one would have nothing to do with the harness style leash until we got a cool bear backpack. As long as she had that bear she was ok with me holding onto it's very long tail. I have a monkey pack for our smallest one but she's content to be carried around for the time being.

  3. Hi Cam, I discovered your blog a few months ago & enjoy reading it so much. I especially like your Mae stories, as I have a 'Mae' as well. (Josephine.) She just made her 1st communion this weekend, and in all of the pictures the look of agony on her face b/c she's in a white dress, veil, fancy shoes is priceless. (She'd have gone in her pj's if I would have allowed it for sure.) I think you might have the same situation when Mae comes of age as well! Thanks for your blog!
    ~ Tracy in WI

  4. I had a Mae, I COMPLETELY understand and agree. Nuff said.....

  5. I had a "Mae"; I used a leash. If not, we'd still be trying to find her in the mall.


  6. I think my Ryan will be a "Mae." Haha!


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