Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

First an update: Sadie's last dentist appointment (the one after the bad one I wrote about earlier this week) went much better.  We had the same hygienist, but this time she was incredibly nice to Sadie and praised her over and over again about how well she'd done the day before.  It was a different dentist, and he came in and started talking with Sadie about nuns (when he walked in the room he said "I hear you want to be a nun!") and how when he was in school his class had gone to visit nuns at a convent.  Sadie giggled through this filling (which apparently was more like a seal since it was so tiny).

I'm especially glad we went back when we did because the place where she bit her lip was about three times it's normal size and he gave us a prescription for which I was especially thankful for yesterday, because without it (I won't get into details) I think we likely would have been begging to get in to see her doctor or going to urgent care (and that was after the first dose).  By last night, after putting an antibiotic/antifungal/allergy medication mix on it all day, it was looking a little bit better and I was no longer panicking every time I looked over at her.  And this morning it's almost a normal size.  Who knew that biting a lip could turn so bad so fast?

I'd share a picture of one of those shirts but I'm
not sure any exist since I wasn't a fan.
My poor husband, you see two days ago, in the car, on the way back from finding an entire new wardrobe for Patrick for $25 at the baby thrift store I held up a cute bright tropical print button up shirt and showed it to Paul.  Then we had the following conversation:

Paul:  "Why do you like that but I had to get rid of my Cubavera shirts?  (in case your wondering, this would be an example of the some of the shirts he's talking about... he loved them when we first got married and I most definitely did not.  I just didn't like how they felt.).
Me:  "This isn't a Cubavera shirt.  This is cotton."
Paul:  "My Cubavera shirts were cotton."
Me:  "Sleezy cotton."
Paul:  "Sleezy cotton?  How can cotton be sleezy?  You're crazy!  Oh you have to write a blog post about your thoughts on sleezy cotton!"

Not a post Paul, but I'll give you a quick take.  Oh, and I see that the product description for the Cubavera shirts at Macy's (I believe that's where yours were from) says Rayon/Polyester so it wasn't even sleezy cotton.  It was sleezy wannabe cotton.  

Touche sir!

After reading post #2 aloud to him:

Paul:  "Touche?  That makes no sense.  Touche literally means you scored a point.
Me:  "Actually it means 'touch.'"
Paul:  "No.  You don't know what you're talking about.  In fencing it means you scored a point.  And how would that make sense?"
Me:  "It means 'touch' and that I scored a point.  And I did because your shirts weren't cotton."
Paul:  "They used to make them in cotton.  Mine were cotton."

Oh no my friend they were not.  Because cotton cannot feel that sleezy.  They were most definitely polyester parading as "cashmere" as the ad states.  Too bad there aren't any left to prove my point.  I kind of wish we had one in the house right now...

Maggie's outfit of choice these days is a headlamp from LL Bean, a diaper and her red super girl boots. She permits me to put her super girl dress or t-shirt on too... but that's pretty much it (everything else results in tears because of their lack of super-ness).

On that note: Potty Training Time has arrived at our house.  And it's times like this that I regret only having a bathroom upstairs and in the basement.  Having to run up or down a steep set of stairs is not going to aid this process (I'm really hoping we're through it by the time school starts back up in August).

Does anyone else feel like there are a lot of mosquitoes out this year?  We've been staying inside a lot because every time we step onto our lawn we get swarmed... and they don't seem to care about bug spray.  

I've been thankful that people who I've talked to have said that this is a lot of mosquitoes compared to other years... because I was wondering if this is just how it is (since we didn't get to Michigan until August last year and when we arrived it was a dry year and we were eating outside in the evenings and not seeing any!).  

Does it feel like there are a lot of mosquitoes (compared to other years) where you are?  I don't like hiding inside from them, but I like finding out I have 20 new bites after being outside for a bit even less!

And here's a glimpse of a moment of reading practice yesterday:

Me (writing): Sam
Sadie: "Sam!"
(more writing): Sat
Sadie: "Sat!"
(writing): Sad
Sadie: "Oh! Sam is sitting and crying!"

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  1. So your husband went through a Kramer phase?! :)

  2. Oh that shirt...ha, ha!! Too funny! You should have just told Paul that you can get away with wearing stuff as a baby that you can't as an adult.

  3. Love Sadie's jump in reading comprehension! Too cute!

  4. Sam sat sad... too funny.

    Also, regarding the mosquito thing, I'm nowhere near Michigan, but I'm feeling the complete opposite - way less bugs than usual, and I'm even spending more time outside than usual this year.

    My brain tells me it has something to do with our unusually dry April, but we ignore him.


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