Friday, July 19, 2013

Why We Don't Put Food in Our Hair...

I loved Mae's long hair...


I was getting really tired of dealing with it.

You see she would put food in it.  On purpose.  Now you would think that perhaps a child who did that loved getting her hair washed but does Mae?  Oh no.  She'd scream like a banshee at every single washing.  Today, I'd had enough.

Oddly enough it wasn't as much food today.  But I'd carefully brushed it out this morning and by this afternoon it was completely matted (how can you manage that child).  And so I told Paul I wanted to cut it and he said it was fine with him.

Which is when she went from this:

I almost lost my nerve when I brushed it and it looked so pretty and shiny again... but then I grabbed the scissors and began to snip:

Before you knew it, I had this in my hand:

And Mae was actually pretty happy with her new short hair.  She kept touching it and laughing:

I do miss her long hair... I'm just a fan of long hair... but I have a feeling this will be much, much easier until she outgrows her, let's put this bowl of chili in my hair phase that she's in right now!


  1. I think her new do is really cute and it will be so much easier for both of you.

  2. I honestly don't understand people's fascination with little girls' long hair? I just look at it and see the hours of brushing and de tangling, I remember my mom brushing my hair and blow drying it and I hated every second. My daughter is only seven months old, so I will grant that I might be singing a different tune in a few years, ;) For now , though, I love little girls in short bobs.

  3. Long hair is pretty - but a lot of work. My daughter is five and has never had a cut (she was bald until one, so not as extreme as you would think, though it is below her waist now). Her hair only made it through the two year old phase because as soon as she got up it got wrestled into pigtails (with the tiny clear plastic ponytail holders that come 500 in a pack for two dollars, and can be twisted tight enough that they can only be removed by being cut out - the only way I could keep anything in two year old hair). She would still rub food in it lost nights (especially ravioli), but didn't mind a wash. and now is proud of her "princess hair" and has to select her accessories (barretes, headband, pontails) every morning.



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