Thursday, July 4, 2013

Theme Thursday: Freedom (and our lil' firecracker)

Three years ago today the words "Fourth of July" changed for me.

The fourth had always been one of my favorite holidays.

But now it's incredibly special for us, because it's also the day we welcomed our little firecracker.

After nine months of carrying around our not so little girl we were finally free to meet her face to face:

And she is our little free spirit, always on the move, always in to something:

Watching her grow has been amazing:

As she leads the way, fiercely independent, never looking back to see if the rest of us are following along:

This year the birthday theme was inspired by her strong little personality and the fact that she loved her brothers Superman shirt so much she squeezed herself into it.

Happy Third Birthday Little Firecracker.

I can't believe how fast these past three years have gone by:

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  1. This seems like the perfect way to honor the theme! :-) Happy Independence Day!

  2. I always think of you on the Fourth of July and those aprons I made :).

  3. What an exciting day for a birthday!

  4. She looks adorable in that superman shirt! Happy Birthday to her!

  5. Um. I really want a pair of her superman boots in my size.

  6. Happy birthday to the little firecracker! What an incredibly apt birthday for Maggie!!! :)


  7. The Fourth is my second favorite holiday!! How blessed you are to have a birthday on this day!

  8. That is an absolutely AWESOME outfit. And I second wanting the boots.

  9. I love that she is a firecracker, what a blessing! And I also love the boots.


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