Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Five Favorites: Mae is Almost Three!!! Edition

Tomorrow my little Firecracker will be three.  And so for today's five favorites I thought I'd do a Mae inspired post.  Like Sadie, Mae received some birthday money... and like Sadie I'm going to take her on a Mommy and me shopping spree.  But since Mae doesn't have quite the same shopping passion that Sadie has, I also ordered a few things that I knew that she would love that would be here on her birthday.

After a few rather simple birthday/Christmases where I made most of the presents and spent a grand total of $25 per child, I think she's going to be a little shocked when she wakes up tomorrow morning and sees this...  Actually, I'm kind of shocked just looking at this post!  But I think these are going to be awesome for our little bunny who's constantly seeking out new experiences (and ways to get into trouble!).  It ought to keep her busy for a while...:


The Trampoline...

Image from Amazon

I was searching for a small trampoline that she could use to get some of her climbing/ jumping/ diving energy out on, that would actually fit in the school room since the swarms of mosquitoes are discouraging me from going outside much this month.  And then I found the Skywalker 40 inch trampoline...  

I have a feeling that she's not even going to believe her eyes when she sees it... 


A Sit and Spin
Image from Amazon
Since our little princess also has a serious twirling habit, I thought that a sit and spin would be perfect too.  And after watching her spin and spin and spin across the living room last night, I think she's going to love playing on it!


A Balance Board

Image from Amazon
What can I say, the kid loves being perched precariously on pretty much anything.

I'm hoping this cute little monkey balance board might encourage her to stay closer to the ground.

We shall see.


A Tangle Toy

Image from Amazon
When I saw this I thought it would be perfect for the child who always has to have something in her hands...



Image from Amazon
Her first pair of Dora jellies were a gift I picked out from Paul and I... mostly because I remember how much I enjoyed wearing jellies when I was little and anything with Dora, Backpack and Boots is bound to be a success with Mae Bae.

For more Five Favorites head over to Moxie Wife (where she's talking about the best. magazine. ever as her first favorite... I can vouch for it, I have the first issue here!).  And to hear me lament "my baby's turning three!!!" repeatedly stop by tomorrow for a Mae Bae birthday update with lots of pictures!  


  1. I'm sure she'll be smiling all day! Happy birthday!

  2. That trampoline looks awesome!!! We could totally use something like that, considering the kids currently insist on using the babies' cribs as trampolines... They're in there more than the babies are!

  3. I'm sure she'll love her birthday! Jellies are so cute- I remember wearing them all the time when I was younger. And that trampoline is awesome!


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