Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yesterday: A Venting Post You Might Want to Skip...

Yesterday was just one of those days.  You know the ones?  Where everything seems to go wrong?

If you're looking for a happy, uplifting post, scroll on past this one... because this is a venting post, because yesterday, was rough and writing is cathartic for me and this is my blog... so yeah...

If you're looking for cheerful scroll down and look for cute pictures of babies.  If you're feeling brave, keep on reading:

I took Sadie to the dentist yesterday where it became apparent that lidocaine works about as well on her as it does on me (which is to say, not all that well 9 out of 10 times... it took them many many shots to get my foot at all numb to take that nail out last September and I had dentist appointments where I felt everything too... so I could relate)

So the appointment was horrible and I found myself getting increasingly angry as we left the office and the hygienist told my tear streaked five year old who'd managed to pull herself together and tell everyone "thank you" something along the lines of "well you kind of tried" and then told her to put the extra stickers back (they usually give her two or three... and it was the same hygienist... and the last time it was three stickers a week earlier) because she was only getting one today (like it was punishment for being bad).  And then the receptionist made a face when she heard me tell Sadie she could pick out a princess doll since we have to come back tomorrow (today now) and I wanted to yell at everybody in the place "are you kidding me?!?!  This kid falls down and completely skins her knees and doesn't shed a tear.  She is tough.  And she never asks for anything for herself, so I think I can get her something little this once for going through getting a filling while feeling it!!!"

Oh and if she cries today we're going to have to find another dentist (and her actual dentist is spectacularly wonderful with kids, despite his office staff, so I'd really rather not have that happen).

We get home and there's a book from Amazon that Sadie and I have been waiting for and we pick it up and find the cover is gone and isn't in the box... which annoys me to no end because this is the second thing that's arrived damaged from Amazon this month (the last was Sadie's "new" nun doll that Amazon shipped) and since the cover isn't there it's clear that it was this way when it was put in the box (I know this is a little thing and it's going back... it just adds to the story of the day, which I just want out of my head.. yes we're sending it back...).

Then... I went to the fabric store and walked across the parking lot to the sewing machine store to find out about a possible sewing machine repair and whether they'd do it (not on my main machine) and a kind of scary guy about to get into his car made a line straight over to me instead and tried to start up a conversation (with obvious "romantic" intentions). I was polite but quickly hurried in the store.  No big deal, right?  As I left the store I saw his car right pull up right next to me and I quickly ducked into Petco and waited for him to actually leave the parking lot, because I really didn't feel like walking across it with him driving next to me, which appeared to be the plan when I went out of the store.

The next stop was Kroger, where I bought what we needed to get through the week: apples, bananas, oranges, almond milk that was on sale, a special berry shake since Sadie's mouth was gigantically swollen, some meat that was on "manager's special" and the splurge of the day a $4.99 block of really good "vegan cheese" that I'll stretch into several meals and that is the only fake cheese I've found that is actually good.  Then I hurried home (this does have a point, I'll come back to it in a moment).

I got home and found that while Sadie'd gone upstairs to us the bathroom she'd bitten through her lower lip (apparently the lidocaine worked on that at least) and had a bloody face she couldn't feel.  I too her downstairs and told her a half dozen times to stop biting her lip, while I fed Patrick.

 Finally I  told Paul I was going to go downstairs to work on the laundry situation for a while and grabbed my computer because I'd been listening to a great Audio Sancto homily earlier and I got to the top of the stairs and my muscles did some sort of klutzy turning to jelly thing and I caught myself and watched in slow motion horror as my computer... my new computer... my replacement computer that I could barely afford back a few months ago... fell down the stairs in front of me and crashed into the landing three steps down.  Oh and then a rake that someone brought inside for some reason crashed down on the landing to.

I bent and picked it up.  It had to be fine. It had to.  I opened it, hoping it's metal case had protected it... and no such luck. The inside of the screen was a beautiful white glowing spider web.  I brought it upstairs and burst into tears as Paul looked at the outside, and thought it was okay and I indicated that he needed open it to understand how bad things were.

So.  My computer was destroyed.  My computer that it replaced can take about thirty seconds to process a single word on a bad day.  I mean, I type the word and it sits there and letters slooooowly appear.  Right now it's kind of working.  Half the time... not so much.  Not good for blogging.  Not god for business.  Not good for my sanity.

I look at the clock and realize that I have to make dinner.  I pull myself together and stopped crying over my stupid computer, although I was pretty upset with myself because I am a clutz.  A total and complete clutz.  And it was all my fault.  And this is bad.  (Did I mention that the computer guys at the school told Paul that the mother board in his computer, the only other computer in the house, is failing right now?  It is.)

So I start to make dinner, burritos again, because they're cheap and I go to the fridge to get the cheese and it isn't there.  I ask Paul where it is (he put away the groceries while I was feeding Patrick).  He says there wasn't any.  He says to look in the trash to make sure it didn't get thrown out (it didn't!  And oh, that's another fun part of the day!  Digging through the trash!) while he looks for it in the car, where it isn't.  I do find the receipt and sure enough, there it is.

I send Paul back to the store to get it, after ranting for two minutes about how the bagger and checker were joking the other day about how often they forget to bag things and give them to people at the exact same Kroger.  At the time I thought it was a stupid conversation to have in front of a customer... now the memory of the conversation and the cheese and everything else that's happened, had me furious.

Half an hour later Paul returned with the cheese and we ate and got the babies ready for bed and I swept up the gallon of rice on the floor and got Patrick to sleep three times (since his top teeth have been coming in our champion sleeper is not so much) and got to work on the snood that needs to go out today, all while feeling like crying.

And then I looked out the window and saw it clinging to the glass.  A beautiful little bug.  I got closer.  It's bum was clear.  It flew away, floating in front of the window, flickering greenish yellow light.

If you're on the facebook page you know of my excitement over having fireflies in Michigan.  I think they're pretty much the greatest.  The little fireflies friends started to show up and suddenly I was bounding up the stairs to tell Paul, who's from the east coast and doesn't think they're quite as exciting as I do, but who appreciated that I no longer looked like a hysterical mess.  And who actually dared venture downstairs to watch a rerun of Doctor Who on Netflix with me.

At least it's over.  I survived.  Now to take Sadie back to the dentist... if you could say a little prayer for her, that would be great...


  1. Oh my gosh, Cam, that sounds like an awful day! Many prayers for you. Hope today goes better (and official complaint about the snarky receptionist? I would)

  2. Sorry you had such a bad day. Prayers that today is better for.
    Is the computer under warranty still? Maybe they can do something for you.

  3. Oh my! " Mama said there'd be days like this!" I am praying that today goes much better! Keep us posted!

  4. I hear you Cam, I cried about a dollar that the parking garage scammed me out of on Saturday. I think I was just so tired that arguing with the guy on the phone really got to me.

  5. Wow - that's awful : ( I'm sorry : ( Lots of prayers from us today.

  6. Ugh... I hate those "Emotional Trainwreck Mommy" days. I had mine Monday. My poor teenaged son got the brunt. He was super sweet today....
    So. Was it Daiya cheese? I'm going to try it soon.
    And... "Dr. Who." I love any shout-outs to my favorite show! Been a fan for 30 years. Just got hubby to watch a 6th Doctor episode with me; he's my favorite tied with 2 and 3. And 9. Oh... Why choose!!!! :)
    Enjoy today.

  7. I hope things go much better today for Sadie. I agree with the above commenter, you should make a complaint about the receptionist. Belittling a child for being in pain is not right.

  8. What a rough day!I hope you find a better dentist's office. I'm pretty picky myself and won't go to any place that criticizes my child.

  9. what a terrible day! Many prayers for you and for sweet Sadie. I second the comment about a formal complaint about the awful office staff at the dentist office.

  10. First of all, lots of hugs. {{{ }}}

    Second, I would in no uncertain terms tell that hygienist - and, especially, the wonderful dentist - that her manner left quite a lot to be desired. Who does she think she is, making Sadie put stickers back as a "punishment" for hurting???

    Don't be forced into finding another dentist; force him/her to take care of the problem hygienist.

    Also... we found that having the girls' teeth "sealed" with something or other has prevented them from ever having cavities. Don't know if that can be done on Sadie's other teeth now, but it's worth asking.

    As a fellow klutz, my sympathies on the computer; that is the sort of thing that happens to me. :(

    God bless, and I hope things get better.


  11. :(

    Hugs! Sounds like an awful day. Poor Sadie. Did the dentist tell you you would have to find a new dentist if Sadie cried? Doesn't sound like such a good dentist to me.

  12. Sending you a hug from Ohio~ and not the creepy guy in the car kind. ;) I hope today was MUCH better!


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