Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sadie's Saturday Morning Nun Talk: Tuesday Edition

Whether it's a man opening the door for her to walk into a restaurant or our neighbor getting out of his car to go into his house, Sadie's more than happy to tell anyone who says "hi" to her that she wants to be a nun.  Today she had a semi-captive audience in her dentist.

The Dentist (to me):  "Do you have any questions before we start?"
Me:  "I don't think so."
Dentist (to Sadie):  "And do you have any questions?"
Sadie:  "Yes.  I want to be a nun!"
Dentist:  "What's that?"
Sadie:  "I want to be a nun!"
Dentist:  "Oh that's so nice.  Why do you want to be a nun?"
Sadie:  "So that I can serve God!"
Dentist:  "That's wonderful!  What kinds of things do you do to serve God?  Do you help people?"
Sadie:  "Yes!"
Dentist:  "And do you share?"
Sadie:  "Yes!"
Dentist:  "Do you know any nuns?"
Sadie:  "Yes, I do.  I know Mary Therese and Bernadette."
Hygienist:  "What is she trying to say?"
Me:  "She's saying Mary Therese and Bernadette."
Dentist:  "Are they you're friends?"
Sadie:  "Yes they are my friends..." (insert long pause)  "They are in heaven now..."
Dentist:  "Oh.  They're very special then, aren't they..."

I was in the corner, managing not to laugh at the cuteness of their conversation.

I am very thankful that we have a dentist that's so awesome with kids so that after her filling Sadie told me that it was "fun" and looks forward to the next appointment.

And that is this Tuesday's Special Edition of Sadie's Saturday Morning Nun Talk!

If you have a quick second and want to offer up a prayer for Paul's last final... it's this evening... and I cannot wait for it to be over (then he'll only have one paper left before he has a month off!  I am counting the days!)!

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  1. Prayer said!!! What a relief it'll be for you guys to have him done with his final!!! Also...I just love your daughter. Absolutely love her. I hope my daughters grow up to be like her!


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