Sunday, July 28, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Polka Dots and Stripes Edition

I thought I had my outfit all picked out for Mass today.  I got up.  I got dressed.  I got the kids dressed.

If you don't want to hear my July-is-the-month-of-bad-luck spiel skip the writing and just look at the pictures.  

I'd even snapped a few pre-Mass pictures with my computer while going over the past month in my head because (are you ready for this?) the grand total of things that have broken in the fine month of July include: My new computer (falling down the stairs... hoping this one, with the f and m and h and t giving out limps along a bit longer!), the freezer (not actually broken, but it didn't close and we lost all the food and frozen meals in it, which was a lot, in case you missed that post), Cabrini (the 1999-oh-so-many-miles-on-it Town and Country that we're hoping can limp along for a few more years) who broke down and needed to be towed and repaired (involving the borrowing of money which I do not have right now) and then finally, the blow of all blows, my stupid camera. 

Again.  For the second time this year (by the way don't ever. Ever.  EVER. buy a Nikon Coolpix S01 because not only does it take forever to take pictures and take horrible pictures but this is the second one we've had break since Christmas for no particular reason.).  We do have the store warranty and took it to Target only to be told they don't keep the warranties there in their computer system, and I need to go home and find the target warranty papers and call the number.  Only I can't find the stupid thing (which I saw last week and "put somewhere safe" while cleaning).  So here I am camera-less.  Which is not a great place to be when your business depends on taking pictures of things to sell online... especially when it happens the week you open a new shop and have a huge pile of quilts waiting to be photographed...  The quandary of how to photograph the things I'm working on to sell to solve these problems goes round and round in my head... 

But... that's not really about what I wore, is it?  And really for all the whining I've just done (sorry about that... I just needed to get that out of my system... you can always skip the writing and just look at the kind of blurry pictures...) I haven't been that down about it.  My attitudes really been "what can possibly happen next" with a maniacal sort of laugh.  And I still have this old computer's kind of blurry distorted camera to use for WIWS posts.  And that's what this post is supposed to be about.  So here is my latest outfit. Or at least, it kind of is:

With my-brand-new-made-last-night, I-have-enough-fabric-for-three-more, snood.

Look!  Polka dots!

But then after Paul came downstairs from getting ready I asked him if he liked my new snood.

And he paused.  And looked away.  And said "Uh-huh."  Which is kind of like yes.

Of course I couldn't just let it rest at uh-huh.  I had to push for an enthusiastic yes.  Look at those polka dots.  Come on husband.  How can you not love polka dots!  (Hopefully you'll find this conversation funny.. I was laughing when it was going on.  At least part of the time):  

Me:  "Uh-huh?  Do you really like it?"
Paul (sensing danger):  "I do like it.  It's very you." 
Me: "Very me?"
Him:  "With the polka dots."

Now husbands... Let's be clear.  It's sometimes best not to answer beyond the question you were asked. If you do you might have a painful conversation like the one below, which will just make everyone's head hurt:

Him:  "It's just that... Do polka dots really match stripes?"
Me:  "Um. I don't know.  Do they?"
Him:  "I don't know."
Me: "Do you think they don't?"
Him:  "I don't know."
Me (in my head) "Then why did you bring it up?!?!?"
(out loud): "But what do you think?"
Him:  "I don't know.  I'm not a fashionista."
Me:  "Do I have time to change it?"
Him:  "Nope.  I'd like to go to the nine o'clock Mass."

Another husband note: criticizing/questioning your wife's outfit when she doesn't have time to change is definitely against the rules.

It led to a conversation on the way to Mass about which of us has better fashion sense (neither of us have much to speak of)... and I grabbed a cardigan and put it under my belt and have now decided that I did like the first outfit better, even if polka dots don't match stripes (and I had better pictures but this computer apparently ate them between when I took them and when I wrote this post, so this is as good as it gets):

Oh and Mass.  We had a cardigan-button-incident which was when a button on Mae's cardigan was loose which led to an hour of on and off crying in the narthex over the offending button.

Paul just sent me upstairs to take a nap (because he can tell I need it at the moment...) and I think that's exactly what I'm going to do.  No worrying for one hour.  And I promise to be less whiny tomorrow.  I'll start making a list of things that have been good... like the wonderfully beautiful cool weather we've had!  And the fact that the upstairs is now clean (I'll add pictures someday, when there's a camera to take them!).

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  1. Stripes and polka dots are totally on trend - pattern mixing is HUGE these days! I love the first outfit pictures :)

    And I'll whine along with you - our basement flooded and we're out several thousands of dollars because our insurance just notified us that, oh hey, they don't cover loss when the water comes in from OUTSIDE the house, only when it comes from inside the house. You know, when it rains inside and floods the basement. Ugh.

  2. 1. I love, love, love your dress!!
    2. I'm sorry you've had such a rotten month. It's been pretty ugly for me too, but at least my month didn't involve horribly expensive repairs and replacements.
    3. Enjoy your nap! :)

  3. You are just way too cute. Love the outfit.

  4. I like the polka dots with the stripes. I think it looks cute.

  5. The outfit is very cute!

    Totally off topic - remember when you gave us a link to the sweet family whose laundry room was a dangerous dungeon? How are they coming along with the renovations? I donated to them, and would love to see how things are coming along!

  6. Love the polka dots. I bet Michael Miller's Anchors away with blue and white anchors would look really cute too :). Just a suggestion from my overly creative mind :)

  7. Okay, I'm glad to know I'm not alone on thinking polka dots and stripes could be okay! Thanks you guys (and I'm feeling much better post nap!).

    And Angela, you can check in on Dwija over here:

    She did lose her little one (it was especially heartbreaking because they were so close to the age of viability...). But the remodel is coming along as a distraction at the moment and her new washer and dryer have arrived (that's the post at the top if you click on it). I think a lot of the walls and floors are done too if I'm remember correctly. Definitely check it out!

  8. So cute! Keep those stripes and polka dots coming !

  9. Whine away my friend. Life happens and sometimes you need to vent. This is your space so vent away.

    I love the snood. Your pattern mixing is spot on and completely on trend. I love your sense of style.

  10. I think the polka dots and snood go well together!! I love that that a denim type strip at the bottom? (it's hard to tell from the pic).


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