Thursday, July 25, 2013

{phfr} Superhero Edition


I'm pretty sure that soon I'll be going on and on about my quilts a lot less... but right now, since I'm taking pictures of them and no longer blocking out the month of May from my mind because of the marathon sewing sessions... I'm kind of in a picture taking brand new shop honeymoon phase.  And it's a honey moon phase because quilts are so much easier to photograph than snoods... you see with snood Paul take three dozen pictures and then I look at them and say "Why didn't you tell me I looked so tired?!?!?!  None of these are going to work!!!" while he stares at me like the crazy person that I sound like (am?) when it comes to getting the perfect snood photo.  

But since I've enjoyed sitting and staring at the quilts for way too much time, I thought I'd share a few of them under pretty:


Yesterday Sadie had her last "Sugar Bug" slaying dentist appointment.  You see, two appointments ago  she'd been told that only one tooth needed "to be put to sleep" and that had been done.  So when we arrived at the last appointment thinking that this was basically a seal being done, and they announced this tooth was going to be put to sleep, someone was more than a little panicked.  She was so upset that she continued to cry through the laughing gas and that meant we had to come back again (don't worry, this is going to be "happy" in a few seconds).

After the last appointment Paul asked Sadie if she wanted him to take her and she said yes.  I asked her again on the morning of the appointment and she said yes again.  She put on her brother's batman shirt (which she amazingly fit into) to help her be brave and headed out the door.

A short while later (compared to the appointments with me) she was back with a big smile on her face.  "Did she cry?" I asked Paul.  "Nope" was the answer.

"Were you scared this time?" I finally asked as she bopped around the room happily.

"No.  Daddy was with me."  She said with a smile.  "And he's big and strong."

So there you have it.  I wish we'd figured out that Daddy was the person to take her a few appointments ago!


Our three super heroes piled into the playpen yesterday for some play time.

There you go Patrick.  See life isn't all princesses and sparkle glitter.

He's in a Wonder Pets shirt (2T... Oh my goodness kid, stop growing so fast!) in case you're wondering:


In real Patrick feeding news (aren't you all just dying to know this?  No... Anyways...) he took two bites of avocado earlier this week.  He didn't seem to hate it.

But then he decided that food still isn't worth his time and that if I put it on his plate he's going to throw it on the ground where it belongs.... so... yeah.

  For those of you who did baby led weaning feeding, when did your little ones stop acting like you were trying to poison them each time you suggested they eat something?  I'm just wondering since this is so different from what we've done in the past...

I have to admit that I am slightly amazed that you can be this big while only drinking milk:


  1. My second is only two months old, so who knows what he'll do, but my first did not actually consume solids on any regular basis until he was around a year. He tasted plenty strting around eight months, but he never really wanted to actually eat any of it until after that. He's 27 months old and still nursing once a day at naptime (almost weaned while I was pregnant, then my colostrum came in and he was super interested again.)

    He had a dairy allergy as well and it cleared up shortly before he was a year old. I wonder sometimes if that had anything to do with it. My second does as well so I'm interested to see if he follows a similar pattern.

  2. My now 5 yr old went nearly 9 months exclusively breast-fed, and even then didn't eat a lot of solid food until past a year. He was well over 20 lbs at 9 months. But when he started eating, he really started eating.

    He had a lot of allergy issues, too, so my diet was quite limited. It is apparently normal for children who are dealing with food allergies to be late solid-food eaters.

  3. Okay Cam, we need to know if there are any more Matryoshka Doll quilts that are going to show up...because (half Ukrainian) Elyse is going to need one for her hope chest. We're afraid to choose one and then have more surprises materialize! :P

  4. Hi Michelle-
    I know there's at least one more in my bag waiting to be unpacked and photographed and I think possibly two!

  5. All kids are so different when it comes to solids. My first one started eating more about 10 months. My 2nd and 3rd barely ate anything, until past a year. And, my 4th starting eating well at around 8 months. Now, at 10 months, she whines and cries if we don't let her taste EVERYTHING we are eating..and I mean EVERYTHING. She loves to eat.

  6. You must make cream! That's how! (I do too.)

    I say, he is clearly a healthy, strapping boy so don't fret about the food. Being breastfed, he gets different 'flavors' and tastes through your milk so it isn't like he will grow up to be picky because of it. And he doesn't NEED it to become strong and healthy- he already is. So- since you asked, I would just recommend you offering him food consistently and if he doesn't want it, he doesn't want it. He WILL eventually. Don't worry about that.

  7. Solids have been totally different with each of my kids, too - we were much stricter about only unseasoned fruits and veggies at first with my oldest, and he was probably eating an appreciable amount by about 10 or 11 months. My 2nd we were a little less strict with and she was a better eater starting at about 9 or 10 months. It's really interesting doing this with the twins because we feed them the EXACT same thing but they eat totally different amounts and have very different preferences. Neither of them (and they're the same age as Patrick) eat enough to make a dent in their nursing. But don't be afraid to give him whatever you're eating - kids DEFINITELY prefer seasoned foods, for the most part. There's never going to be enough salt in whatever you're cooking to hurt him, since you don't really do a lot of processed foods!

    Under 1 is just for fun - he'll eat eventually and I'm betting you won't be able to stop him!

  8. My daughter had absolutely no interest in food until between 10 and 11 months. Then by 13 months she was eating three solid meals a day, with some nursing periods during the day. She was like one of the pp's children, once she got interested, she dove right in.

  9. Try as I might, none of my exclusive breast feeders (6 of my 7) would eat real food until they were about 18 months old. I continued to offer all the time and every once in a while food would end up in their mouths and not on the floor. Mine were all long term nursers too, only weaning when I became pregnant again. My last two boys have nursed past two and are on the small side, but not so much so to worry their pediatricians.

  10. My first just wanted to nurse and reluctantly started solids around 9 months. My second tried to steal my hamburger at 4 months while he was nursing. So, to each his own! And they were both nice, chubby babies.

  11. Love the playpen picture. This is basically how I find three of mine, in my 7 month old's crib, almost every morning. :)

  12. Cute post! As to the feeding, did you read my post on babies and solid foods? Just keep popping him in the high chair and trying different things. Let him eat off of your plate if he shows interest. Playing with food is his way of figuring it out :)

  13. Thank you for fun to get a glimpse of life with younger ones. Your quilts are beautiful and an inspiration to one who is contemplating the leap in to quilting. May God bless you and your precious family.


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