Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Let's go with this picture because
it's the most recent...

Yesterday as I was walking up the stairs my pajama pants were having serious problems staying around my waist... so I went upstairs and stepped on the scale and...

Drumroll please...

I'd lost 7 lbs!  And that puts me at less than my wedding weight (and means -40 lbs since October-ish when I reached my pregnancy all time high).

I think I have to give credit for this to the chid who thinks that no food exists in this world other than milk.

Yesterday completed our sixth solid week of homeschooling.  And I am amazed with Maggie.

If you read my blog much you know that Maggie is a ball of energy that never stops moving/ climbing/ jumping/ running/ destroying breakables.

But something has happened.

I get ready to go over Sadie's reading and math lesson for the day on the whiteboard.  Maggie will stop whatever she's doing (she'll realize before I've called Sadie over) and will sprint across the room and dive into the seat closest to the whiteboard. Then she'll put her hands in her lap and sit there, perfectly silent and watch with wide eyes.  She'll be still and silent for the entire lesson.  Then she'll get up and go back to playing.

I'm not sure I can even express how much this shocks me... because... it's Maggie!  And she's still and awake at the same time!

#2 paves the way for take #3.

The other day I wrote Rat on the board.  "Bat!"  Maggie shouted, speaking for the first and only time during a lesson.

"That's really good Maggie!"  I said.  "Really good.  This is an r though so it says rat!  But that's so good!  What a big girl you are!"

She then jumped up and down repeating "bat" for about five minutes...  I think she enjoys school as much as her big sister does!

I don't think Patrick is going to crawl.  There.  I said it.  He's found his own Patrick way of locomotion and he seems to be having too much fun to bother with crawling.  He takes both hands and both feet and uses them to slide across the hard wood floors at a rapid pace (he goes as fast as I can walk).  And now that he's standing and working on cruising... so I don't see crawling starting anytime soon.  Or does belly sliding count as crawling?

Maybe I'll have to print out this article (I wish they didn't use the word "may") and carry it in my purse to pull out the next time a well meaning person tells me that crawling is "a necessary step in development" (why does this even come up in conversation?  But I know it has with the girls).  Because let's face it... you can't force an eight month old to crawl.  Especially when they've found a way that's faster to get from one place to another.

I am kind of in love with the weather at the moment.  Yesterday I went to and saw that there were no days that were supposed to get into the 80s for the next five days.  And we've been in the 60s and 70s for at least a week now.  I know, I know, not everyone agrees, but this is absolutely my idea of perfect summer weather.  At least when I have an un-air conditioned upstairs and a gas stove.

Because I've actually been able to use my stove this past week!  And our window air conditioner has only been on a few times for short little bursts.

Best news of the week:  Patrick has slept completely through the night for the past two days.  And before that he was almost sleeping through the night.  Annnnnnnnnnnnnd he's been taking longer naps (like two hour naps).

The only problem at the moment is getting him to go to sleep at night, because he's pretty intent on not falling asleep and missing all the fun he imagines goes on... but still.  Yay for sleeping through the night!

So to end this post, I'm freaking out a little.  Between take #6 and #7 I googled "burnt toast smell and mold" because the basement smells like burnt toast and it's been bothering me after finding the mold... and I wondered... and I found this which starts with: "Stachybotrys is the toxic mold that has a burnt toast smell." 

I think the mold is inside the wall that I cleaned the outside of... Just a guess... I guess this means it's time to email the landlord...

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  1. Sleeping through the night is one of the small blessings God grants mothers. :) I count one wake up, with an easy fall back to sleep, as sleeping through the night. I love your updates, and I miss them, for my nearly 10 month old doesn't leave me much time for perusing anything on the computer. Your kids are amazing, and I can only hope to do such a good job with ours. :)

  2. I nannied a child who never crawled. She was actually a late walker but went from butt scooting to walking!

  3. # 4 cracks me up because my MIL always gets freaked out when my boys go from crawling to walking in two months (crawling at 8, walking by 10) because, she reminds me, "research indicates that the motor skills developed through crawling are necessary for a child's ability to learn how to read ....I don't know how, but there's a connection there, and if they walk too early, they may have reading problems as they get older."

    :-). Anybody ever heard of that one before?


  4. Our son didn't crawl at first either, and our pediatrician said scooting on his tummy was actually a form of crawling. We think he didn't crawl because it was summer, he was wearing shorts, and he didn't want to be up on his knees on the bare floors. Once he had jeans on in the fall though, it was a whole other story. He was off in a flash and walked a couple weeks later. :)

  5. My mom said I never crawled. I was walking at 10 months. Me being an earlier walker didn't effect my reading I was reading on a first grade level by four.

    My sister slide across the floors on her belly till she discovered she could move faster if she could learn her to walk. Though I think she went from sliding to running. She was reading at five.

  6. #1: 40 lb weight loss is awesome!! Even if it did take the Patrick diet. LOL

    #5: Daytime weather in the 60s and 70s?! Down here in Texas, we call that almost winter. :) Our predicted high for today was 103. I can't even imagine what summer weather that cool would be like. Keep enjoying it!

  7. I want to join the "sliding without crawling" club, and let me tell you my reading is A-OK.


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