Thursday, August 22, 2013

{phfr} Theme Thursday Combo Edition


Sometimes I feel like it's hard to get a pretty picture around here because everyone is always moving so fast that they come out blurry half the time.  But I caught a couple still pictures of Sadie during particularly thoughtful moments this past week and I thought they fit the bill.  She's likely deep in thought about the injustice of Pluto not being a planet any more, since she's been talking about that quite a bit lately and it alternates between being a joke and a tragedy of some sort:


Happy on the other hand is much easier.  Especially when you live with a kid who likes to ham it up whenever he sees a camera.  I mean, if he's frowning he starts to smile when he sees the camera come out:

There are few things that he loves more than working all the doors and windows and moving parts on all of the doll houses in the house.  I think he's going to be thrilled when he's finally big enough for legos.

And as much as I usually think he looks like Paul,
there is a picture of me when I'm this age that looks
exactly like this picture.


See those boots?  They have been causing major trouble in our house of late.

You see, she's not allowed to take them in the bathtub.  And that's apparently a problem of hysterically tearful proportion.

At least I helped her put them on before the sun came up this morning... because what's a day without super hero boots?

Okay, I might be the only person, but I thought that this picture was funny, but I do, because Patrick was pretty much mimicking her, all the way down to the way they were sitting.  He is such a fan of his two big sisters:


Okay, this is also where the "food" comes in for Theme Thursday in this post (as it may not be immediately obvious).  Because do you know what that child is sitting in?  A giant bin of rice and beans.

You may notice that the rice and beans are outside now.  That's because someone apparently thinks uncooked rice and beans are delicious.  And I mean completely uncooked.  Not even instant.

So it's outside now where I can cover it when someone thinks it's rice and bean snack time:

Then there are these.  Night shade berries.  They're also kind of like food.  Poisonous food.

They are the bane of my outside playtime existence.  We managed to  yank them all out of the yard, but they're constantly trying to battle there way back in and a certain three year old thinks they look wonderfully delicious (especially since it's clear that she knows they're forbidden) and since I'd really like to stay out of the ER, especially when it comes to these berries, I have to watch her like a hawk when we're outside.  Yesterday she actually moved the fence out a bit by leaning on it and stuck her arm all the way through and managed to almost reach them.  Sadie rushed over, ever the big sister, with me right behind her and grabbed Maggie's hand while lecturing about how those berries are dangerous.

Maggie's response was to say:  "Bad girl!  Bad girl!  Go back!  Go back!  Go back!" (the bad girl part was obviously directed at her sister) and she grabbed Sadie's hand and attempted to drag her back over the pick berries with her.  It didn't happen:

I'm linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter and Clan Donaldson (because berries and rice and beans are technically food, even if I'm constantly trying to keep these out of my children's mouths) so there's lots of more link up fun out there for you to find!


  1. My oldest used to try and eat the dry beans that a local playgroup had for play! We're always trying to impress upon the kids the few plants and berries they should never eat. It is cute to hear the (almost) 2 year old say "Mom, never, never, never eat that one." Of course, with her nature, I worry that she says that to distract me while she secretly takes a taste test!

  2. The super hero boots are fantastic! Such is the stuff of childhood memories, even when they're the hassle of our everyday :)

  3. Love the boots! We've definitely had some tantrums about what we can and cannot take into the bath tub. =)

  4. I love the baby in only a diaper pix, that;s how our babies live around here in the summer.

    3-2-1 Party

  5. Red boots? Sorry, totally tantrum worthy. ;)


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