Monday, August 19, 2013

Week Ending: The Worksheet-less Edition

As I walked by the dining room table Sadie looked at me yesterday morning and then glanced at the nearly empty table top.

"Where are the worksheets?" She asked.  
"We don't do school on Sunday."  I replied.  "We go to Mass."
"Oh Mommy."  She shook her head sadly.  "You forgot to make them, didn't you?"

Then I caught Maggie with a magenta crayon she'd stolen (or hidden... because she hides crayons so they aren't confiscated) trying to make all of her beloved, tattered Dora books into workbooks, and I can only say that I'm thankful that the books that she "worked" in were only her own and that her work didn't spill over onto any of her sister's carefully taken care of princess books this time. 

Because while we went to visit a sheep farm, a park and the lake twice, the weekend is apparently still kind of empty if worksheets aren't made (and they never are Friday-Sunday!).  

However despite their worksheet deprivation I think they had a pretty fun time when they weren't mourning their mother's refusal to run upstairs and print off a few more things to work on.  Here's our weekend in pictures:
Sheep, sheep and more sheep...

The princess on her castle.

I love this picture!  Her eyes are just so blue (although actually they look kind of green lately). 
The Ham.

Mae Bae.

More hamming it up for the camera.

Enjoying the swings together.

Daddy time while Mommy and Sisters go Swimming.

The Lake.

Looking at all the little fish around our feet.

He's still not a fan of water.

That boats going pretty fast...

Another picnic.

Well... that's kind of like eating... although I don't think he actually swallowed any food.
It's a start.  Kind of.

Night Time Mass just us girls.

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