Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Latest from My Workshop:

I spent a bit of time today figuring out how to use the embroidery portion of my sewing machine.  Sadie even got in on the fun when I set up the fabric and let her press the start button so that she "embroidered" a little heart on a piece of linen.  And then I posted the latest items I'd managed to get photographed in my Mae Bae shop.  There are now animal rolls and bug rolls and a few of my favorite quilts!  Here are some of the highlights:

Jungle Roll

Bug Rolls
This is a copy of the quilt that I made for Patrick right after he was born.  I am a huge fan of the cute little classic teddy bear print:

Teddy Bear Quilt
 It took me a while to decide to use the cotton fabric below, because when there's a fabric that I really, really like, I tend to hoard it while waiting for the "perfect" project.  I finally decided that the perfect fabric was in fact, a quilt:

Water Color Butterfly Quilt
Of course there's a dinosaur quilt:

Dinosaur Quilt
Speaking of fabrics I waited and waited to use... I hauled the cotton print below from California to Florida to Michigan.  I finally decided it would be lovely as a quilt (and I'm really, really tempted to make another to keep with the last little bit that I have):

Flower Quilt
 Cuddly lions:

Lion Quilt
Bright colored little birds:

Bird Quilt
 Itty Bitty Hand Prints:

Double Flannel Hand Print Baby Blanket
Now to get some rest before a busy Wednesday!  Paul works his first shift at his new job tomorrow!

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