Thursday, August 1, 2013

Theme Thursday: Knots

You know those kids in the two to three year old range that don't look perpetually disheveled?  I mean, I know they're out there.  I've seen them out and about in town with pigtails and bows and every hair perfectly in place.  I marvel when I see them, because I've never had one of my own.  

I've always had 2-3 ear olds with serious aversions to brushes and clips (hence last weeks hair cut for Mae).  And now with her new short hair, she does look remarkably well groomed.  I know that they grow out of it (one day Sadie just decided she liked having her hair done!  Just like that!)... but that day still seems to be a ways off.  Hopefully it arrives before Mae's new tresses reach her shoulders.  

So when I read today's Theme Thursday theme and saw the word "knots" I couldn't help but think of that time before the hair cut (which is a good thing because my camera is still broken)... and the constant state of my just-turned-three year olds' hair when it was long.  I would brush it.  I'd spray it with leave in conditioner.  Nothing worked.  Within ten minutes it would be a complete mess again.  

It could be smooth and shiny and we'd get in the car and drive the three blocks to Mass and it would look like it hadn't seen a brush in weeks by the time we got there... so... short hair.  

I'm not sure this picture quite does justice to the situation but... yeah... knots.  

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  1. Ugh, knotted hair is the worst. My middle daughter has fluffy wavy hair that knots so easily if I don't have it pulled back into a ponytail or braid.

  2. I remember my dad had to do my hair once and he tried to put it in a ponytail and it came out horrible! I started learning how to do my own hair after that.

  3. Ooh, I was that little girl who always had knots in her hair. But gee, she sure is cute though!

  4. My kids always have knots, too. I am in awe of those little kids who have the long, flowing tresses or the perfectly pulled back ponytails. My ponytails don't even start that way.

    Your daughter is a doll!

  5. Aw, with a face like that you don't notice the knots! Great pic. :-)

  6. Put in some mousse or gel when wet and that's the stuff great curls are made of! Curly hair is, by definition, knotty. :)


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