Sunday, August 11, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Pacing Outside Edition

Mass was... oh my... Let's not even talk about it.  Except that I have to say that it was my children.  Someone replaced them with monsters for about an hour today. With the exception of Sadie who at east knows how to act in public.  But the other two...   Let's just say that there was a little boy in the hallway who was about three years old who was telling Maggie "it's okay, it's okay"...  Yeah.  Our plans to go to Mass in the main part of the cathedral showed just how well a certain three year old does with change.  I think it also had something to do with going to the 11 am mass right before lunch (read at lunch time) instead of the 9am mass.  That was just a bad move.  This is less what I wore to Mass and more what I paced back and forth outside the cathedral in while saying things like:  "You know how to act Big Girl!"  

A) I had to add at least one close up photo because when taking selfies with my old computer it's really, really hard to get one that's not kind of blurry at any sort of distance.
B) I'm about .05 seconds away from falling over.  Pictures like this help me remember where Sadie gets her sense of balance (or clumsiness) from.  
C) My outfit.  A dress I bought from a store I discovered and loved that was going out of business.  I seriously wish I had this dress in a dozen different fabrics.  If I didn't love it so much I would tear it apart to make a pattern from it. I might try to make a pattern from it while it's still in one piece.  Otherwise it will definitely become a pattern once it's worn out.
D) In which I try to get all of me into the frame by sitting down.  It almost works.
E) My belt no longer fits.  It kept falling down way below the dresses waist line (this makes me both happy and sad... happy because of what it means and sad because this belt is a key part of my wardrobe).  I might have to make a tie to go with this dress because it definitely needs something around the waist.

Here's what the troublemakers wore.  Patrick's in one of his thrifted outfits.  Mae's dress was made by Nani:

And Sadie?  She had her bonnet all set and ready to go to Mass... because these days we don't leave the house without it...

Now to figure out some more specific lesson plans for the week and to start thinking about a good field trip for Friday!

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