Monday, August 12, 2013

Week Ending: Fun in the Sun Edition

I woke this morning to stumble sleepily downstairs to tell a sweet husband who'd already been up with the kids for one hour and forty minutes about the nightmare I'd been having (this weekend he worked until 4-ish each night and so I've been up bright and early so this morning was a trade).

Me:  "It was horrible.  It was some sort of an apocalypse type thing and somehow I knew it was going to happen and my parents were visiting and I told you guys that it was going to start with a 747 crashing in the garden and you guys didn't believe me and then the 747 crashed into the garden and guess what?!?!?!?!"
Paul (sleepily, holding a fussy Patrick who's desperate to eat since it's been an entire 100 minutes since his last snack):  "We still didn't believe you?"
Me:  "Yes!!!  You guys still didn't believe me.  And we had to get out of the city and I was trying to pack and keep the kids from going outside to see the plane and no one was helping."
Paul (sarcastic and sleepy):  "Wow, what an interesting dream." (There might have been an eyeroll that accompanied it.  If his eyes were even open.)

The weather was beautiful this weekend.  We soaked up the sunshine while we were out and about, enjoying the remaining days until school starts and Paul disappears back into the inescapable black hole that is the law library (see the ticker on the side?  with the little turtle?  I am literally counting the days, although I know that hardly makes sense because, as one of my favorite bloggers said a while back: Law school is to studying for the bar what coffee is to espresso...).

But I'm reveling in seeing my husband before midnight and not falling asleep on the couch trying to wait up for him.  And that brings us to this weekend with lots of time outside (before the torrential rainfall began this morning, proving that the 75% chance of rain on the alarm screen last night that I was hoping was wrong really was right).  So now that I've rambled on here are less words and more pictures, since this is supposed to be a post about pictures:

We're very happy that mosquito season seems to be over and
that we can go out into the yard without being swarmed. 
Patrick would like to share his waving skills with you.
He's very proud of himself.  
On our way to the museum of modern art or "the spaceship"
as it's known in our family because of it's shiny metal sides and weird shape.
Paul with all the babies.
Sadie in front of a list of donors.
She wanted her picture taken here because the background of the list was snowy
and she's a big fan of Periwinkle the frost fairy from the latest Tinker Bell movie right now.
See the tattoo on her arm that the dentist gave her.
Wow those things last a long, long time.
Then to the park so the kids could run around after being
very very quiet in the museum.
Patrick was extremely proud of himself for holding on to this pole.
I love this picture.  It's just so Mae.

Here Sadie's trying to keep up with her always on the move little sister.
Mae leads the way.  And drags her sister with her.
All smiles with her little pink camera.
She was trying to find mud to stomp in.
On Sunday we picnicked.   
The park had tricycles and a sand digging area and...
An amazing castle overlooking a lake.
The playground is huge.
Patrick enjoyed the swings.
Maggie joined him.  And she actually said "butterfly!" as a butterfly flew by!
Then we headed down to the lake to check out the house at the nice little beach.
Alas, today's rain means the trip I was hoping for today has been postponed.
But soon! 
And I'll leave you with this picture that Sadie drew of... me.
I'm wearing a tutu.
For more Week Ending head over to Reinventing Mother!  I hope you had a great weekend.

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