Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sadie's Saturday "Morning" Nun Talk

I had a cute little video of Sadie telling the story of Saint Therese's life all ready to go for this morning, using my old camera which works 25% of the time (if I turn it off three or four times it usually comes into focus one of those times and it won't manually focus either so I just keep tapping it and hoping it comes on with the focus working)... but then the video wouldn't transfer to the old computer so... written post it is!  If you're on the facebook page you might recognize some of these from earlier in the week.

This week Sadie was very interested in a little book she has on the Works of Mercy.  After having both Paul and I read the book to her over and over again she was proudly reciting those she could remember and then...

She happily came across the room to ask me to get her a glass of water. When I didn't immediately jump up from what I was doing she smiled sweetly and said: "I'm asking you so that you can do an act of mercy. So that you can please God."

Okay then.  I laughed and gave her a cup for herself and one for her sister so that she could "give drink to thirsty" too.

An hour or so later Patrick began to cry and Sadie suddenly looked oddly happy by the development.  After a few seconds I knew why: "Look Mommy! Patrick's crying! I think you have a chance to do another work of mercy. You get to feed the hungry!"

She's been on a roll.  She's also become the enforcer of the family rosary ("Mommy, why are you cleaning up?  Don't we say are rosary first?  We're still saying our rosary aren't we?!?!?!").

And perhaps the funniest part of the week was when I was reading her a library book and the main character started casting a magic spell.  Now we read fairy tales frequently and she loves to talk about "this is imaginary" and "this is real" when we're reading.  But this book had her distressed because the little girl went to school with nuns and then went to magic school (it was actually a book by an author who does a lot of saint books, which was why I'd picked it out at the library).  

"Is this pretend?"  She asked suddenly.  "You know what God says about magic!"  When did we even talk about magic.  I can't remember.  But she did.  And she was frowning.
"This is pretend."  I replied (I had yet to read the back cover).
"But there are nuns in it."  She continued shaking her head.  "There are nuns."
"It's pretend even though there are nuns in it."
"But..."  She was getting more and more worked up.
"How about this.  They're using the word magic like medicine in the story. How about I say medicine instead."   

Silence.  I continued the story.  

I got to the end of the story and turned the page to find the main character grown up and giving out magical cures to a line of people that included a bunch of nuns and priests.  Sadie was irate.  We quickly put the book away.

So fairies are okay.  Cinderella's fairy godmother doesn't bother her a bit. But a bunch of nuns waiting in line for a spell...  Sadie was not amused...  

I've had quite a few people ask what religious education materials we're using so I am planning a post on that this week for anyone who's asked!


  1. Oh wow! She's hilarious :) Love the almost-be-dreadlocked pic of her :)

  2. I love the works of mercy talk..that is too, too cute!

    Now, every time I feed my kids, I'm going to consider it my work of mercy.

  3. It was! I couldn't believe how offended she was by it since she's such a fan of fairy tales... but yeah... apparently she doesn't mix her fairy tales and her nuns!


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