Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sadie's Saturday Morning Nun Talk: On Saint Therese

Sadie was on the phone with my mom yesterday when she launched into a conversation about the solar system.  As it got funnier and funnier (at least to me) I began to type what she was saying: 

"I was a little surprised. I thought God was going to make Pluto the same size as Jupiter. But he didn't he made it little... And Saturn has rings. And it's not closer to the sun. And there's something I have to tell you. Mercury is near the sun and it's hot. It's not like Pluto. It doesn't have ice all over it. No. It's close to the sun."

Earlier in the week she asked me to get the camera and record while she talked about Saint Therese... she's a little shy at the start and then she gets going:

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  1. I love her surprise about the differences between the planets! Cute and funny!


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