Friday, August 23, 2013

Patrick's First Hair Cut

I am not responsible for 100% of the haircuts in our house... I guess I have been for a while, it's just that now I've actually cut everyone's hair!  Now that I think about it, I've probably saved us about $700 since I bought the clippers four years ago by doing it myself (that's adding in my own and the kids haircuts too)... and that's not too bad!

 Patrick's hair was really long in the back and was starting to curl and look like a mini mullet.. so I knew that it was time.  He is not particularly thrilled with me though.  I gave him the same haircut I give Daddy, a #2 blending into a #3 in the middle with a #4 on top.

Now he looks so much older (to me at least!).

And here it is... Patrick's first hair cut!  Just in time for the end of summer:

He was a little annoyed with me at first...
(Okay, he and Mae both screamed through the haircut...
Mae couldn't believe that I was cutting his hair...)

But then he saw himself in the computer!

And he became happy baby again!

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  1. Aw, cutie!!

    (We cut the boys' hair too and when you add it up, it IS a big savings!)

    I am so happy to be back reading your blog! B.c I did some crazy think with my spam settings, about a doz of the blogs I;d subs to were ending up in spam! Since I fixed it this week, I;m so happy to be up to date with my fave blogs.

    God bless!!


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