Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Busy Day

Today was much better, probably because Paul dealt with Health and Human Services while I stayed in the car. We stayed busy this morning. We went to Mass and then, after a quick stop at Health and Human Services to drop off our paper work, headed to the bank. Since the bank wasn't open yet we decided to go on a walk. Our walk took an hour (with a break in the middle at the town's bakery where we got maple bars). I should have worn flat shoes, and I'd actually left some flat shoes in the car just in case I needed them, but the walk was still a lot of fun. I had my sling with me and I wore Sadie on my front on the way to the bakery, and on my back on the way back. After the bank we headed to the park where Sadie went on the swing, played in a tunnel, and slid down the slide. She still cries as soon as we take her off the slide.

We had a snack in the car and were about to go to the pool when Sadie fell asleep. It had been a very exciting morning! So Paul sat in the car with Sadie while I swam laps. I haven't had a chance to swim laps in years, but I managed to swim 42, 1050 meters, before Sadie woke up and Paul brought her in to go swimming. She still doesn't think floating on her back is much fun, but she did make a friend.

A little boy who looked to be a few months younger than Sadie came to the pool with his Nani and Mommy and sisters. He and Sadie were fascinated with each other and kept watching each other. After we got out of the pool Sadie squealed at him and smiled. When he squealed back she was shocked and got quiet and started acting very shy.

We relaxed for the rest of the day and took a long nap when we got home. And now Sadie is taking all her toys out and dragging them around the living room.

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