Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nice to Meet You!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of my blog, A Woman's Place... A Woman's Place is a blog for wives and mothers who are determined to living a life dedicated to their families and their God. With a little time and a little work I hope this site will blossom into a page with recipes, gardening and craft tips and bits and pieces from day to day life. Hopefully we can share experiences and blessings and grow in our faith!

I'll begin with a quick introduction.

I'm a stay-at-home mom and a convert to the Catholic faith. I was raised and baptized in a small, Southern Baptist Church and when I told my husband that I would follow his lead, join RCIA and raise our children in the Church I had no idea how completely our lives would be transformed. The more I learn and grow the more I have to realize that the rather flippant, not at all thought out decision (neither my husband nor I had attended any churches services regularly for years) was the first step on a journey towards an amazing treasure. The grace of God has wrought amazing changes in our lives!

God has entrusted us with an amazing little girl who will turn one this month. She is truly a blessing and she brings joy and smiles to everyone that she meets.

My husband is currently in graduate school, earning his masters degree in theology. After he finishes his MA he plans on going on to get his JCL to become a Canon Lawyer. We've been busy this summer learning Latin for his studies. He hopes to be admitted to the Angelicum in Rome in 2011, but that's still a ways off!

We escaped from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006 and live a few hundred yards from my parents and grandparents homes (which means that with the arrival of our daughter we have four generations here). Our humble home is a one room cabin (which is 10 x 15 feet) with no running water. We do our best to live in accordance with the teachings of the Church each and every day, with each and every decision. As a result we are very conservative by our culture's standards.

And, for the sake of keeping this brief introduction short, that is my life in a nutshell. Thanks for visiting the site!

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  1. How lovely to read a little bit about you! I too am a convert from the English Baptist church. When I became a Catholic, I knew I was *home* ~ every day since then has been like a beautiful flower opening at the side of my path. I love the Catholic Church for her beauty and truth!
    I am awed by your humble living out of God's wil in just a one room home. Your graciousness and humility must make it a lovely "Domestic Church"!
    I look forward to following your blog,
    Mrs.Pogle x


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