Monday, June 29, 2009

Sadie's Veil

I had the cutest Sadie moment today. We were sitting in the play room upstairs at Nani's house, packing for tomorrow's trip out to Boston (nine long hours on the plane, if you count a one hour layover in Houston) and had just picked out my two mantilla's and was about to pack them. Sadie was sitting on the floor watching me and I decided to put one on her head and see what she would do. Since the white one was already in a little cardboard case I took the black one, which is a medium sized rectangle and draped it over her head.

When it sat on her head it was huge. It reached all the way down to her elbows, like a wedding veil. The funniest thing was her reaction. There's a mirror on the entire closet door so Sadie could see herself easily and I pointed to her reflection. She held perfectly still with her little hands extended out to her sides and stared at her reflection. Then she pointed at her reflection in the mirror. After about thirty seconds she raised her hand up and touched the veil, which started to slip off. "Careful, it'll slip off." I whispered, and she froze and let me readjust it. Once it was back on she continued to stare, holding perfectly still for another minute. Finally I reclaimed it to pack and was surprised when Sadie threw herself onto the floor and had a complete meltdown. She wanted "her" veil back. I will definitely have to get her one of her own soon, probably one with a little ribbon that goes under her chin so that it stays in place.

These days she's so into wearing Mommy's things! It's very cute!

I'm not sure how much time (or internet access) I'm going to have when we're gone. Hopefully I'll be able to keep the blogs updated (my other blog is ). If not I'll be home on the ninth with tons of new pictures and stories. Have a Happy Fourth of July if I'm not on before then!

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  1. Oh, that's so sweet!
    I headcover too. I don't wea a mantilla, as no-one else at my Church does (and only one other lady covers her head :¬( ) but I wear a simple head scarf. I would wear a mantilla for a more traditional or Latin Mass. I wrote about this subject a while back on my blog here:
    Enjoy your time away!
    Mrs.P xx


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