Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Party!

Here is Sadie's birthday cake. I was so excited when I saw it because the bunny turned out so cute. The cake lady at our local Top's market really is an artist! I'm making Sadie's cake for tomorrow (the family party on her actual birthday) and it won't be nearly as spectacular, but it will be made with real bananas!
I'm referring to this as the picture of the princess's throne. Sadie loved her high chair with the balloons tied on to it. I thought that it would be hard for her to focus with the balloons, but with all of her guests (there were 18 in all) Sadie seemed more interested in the rest of the room then in trying to eat the balloons (although she did keep one balloon in each hand.
Here is Sadie's first taste of cake. She really did like it, although you can't really tell that by this picture. We tried to let her feed herself, and while she seemed to get the idea of what she was supposed to be doing, she obviously didn't like the feel of it on her hands.
Here's the picture of our little family from the party. Sadie was such a big girl. At the end of the party, after playing with her presents, she walked back and forth behind her lion at least a dozen times, smiling at everyone. She really had a blast. As soon as everyone went home she passed out and had a nice long nap! I know I've said it almost every day this week but I still can't believe it's been a year!

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