Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sadie's Odd Taste in Food

We are in the middle of a week that has been way too warm. When Nani checked the thermometer this afternoon it was 103 degrees. Poor Sadie has been trapped inside with me and today was more then a little impatient to go outside. She just doesn't understand why we can't go out and sit on the porch and swing on her swing. Hopefully it will cool down soon, but the weather report for tomorrow said that it is supposed to be 107 in Redding tomorrow (today it was 108). Yuck! I miss the rain and thunderstorms that we were having two weeks ago. Now it's hard to keep the lawns green even though we're watering them every day and the lettuce is wilting!

Sadie is eating more and more grown up foods and the funny thing is that she really does seem to be influenced by the things that I ate while I was pregnant with her. She gobbles up all of my favorite foods. I let her have little bites when she wants to (which is almost all the time) and some of her favorites have included dill pickle, garlic (she actually nibbled on a garlic clove) and a little bite of onion. She also loves avocado, artichokes, apricots and toast. And she still has her old favorites like yogurt and oatmeal and her gerber graduates.

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