Friday, June 5, 2009


Sadie said another new word today and it was quite a surprise.  We went to Redding to do some food shopping and we were driving to Trader Joe's to pick up a couple of things before we headed over to Costco to get the bulk of the shopping list checked off.  Sadie was getting fussy because a trip to Redding is a lot of driving (three hours round trip, not including driving from store to store) and I was talking and singing to her to prevent a total meltdown.  I was saying,

"Who's a Bunny?  You're a Bunny.  Who's a Bunny?"

when she said

"Buh-nny!"  in a perfectly clear voice.  It was clear enough that Paul heard it and understood what she was saying from the driver's seat.  Her perfect little word quickly turned into "na na na na na" as things turned in a whiny direction.  Luckily we were only a block from the store.  

We had hoped to break up the trip to Redding by going to the kids park in the mall when we first got into town.  Unfortunately, apparently every other mother who was out shopping had the same idea.  When we walked in the mall we saw about forty kids running around the little play area.  The toys in the play area are designed for pretty little kids, preschoolers mostly, as the slides are only about two feet tall and the slopes are very slight, but we have yet to really be able to play in there, because there are always at least one, and usually more, eight to ten years old who run around, knocking little kids over.  So instead of playing we watched the big kids knock over the little kids from outside the play area (while their parents' laughed and talked and did nothing) until the crying was so loud that we decided to leave.

Sadie held our hands after that and practiced walking in between us.  Sadie's walking more and more.  She also practices going between Nani and me, grabbing our hands and then letting go and stepping and then grabbing on again.  But now she's announcing in no uncertain terms that it's time for for her bath.  I better get going!

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