Friday, June 12, 2009

Day One: Our Trip to the Bay

We made it safe and sound down to the bay and I was very impressed with Sadie.  She slept for about three of the four and a half hours and then she sat quietly and listened to her music for the remainder of the trip, which was about an hour and a half.  I did have a secret weapon.  I had bought a little baby mp3 player that I planned to give Sadie on her birthday.  Before we left on the car trip I thought it might be useful, so I brought it along.  When she started to get fussy about half an hour into the trip I pulled the music out and turned it on.  The player is really neat.  It's designed for little kids and babies and it's completely childproof.  It can be dropped down stairs or thrown or have water spilled on it, but the soft plastic on the outside protects it.  

I only planned on playing the music with the player out of sight, but as soon as Sadie heard it she started to smile and frantically looked around to try and find where the music was coming from.  I finally caved and let her have it (it took all of five seconds).  She was delighted.  She played with it for a while and then held it up to her ear and fell asleep.  The best part of the player is that it is designed so it can't go up too loud and be harmful to little ears.  It entertained her for the rest of the trip when she was awake, and she held it when she was in the doctor's office (where there were lots of tears).  

Sadie weighed in yesterday at just under 21 lbs (which puts her around the 60th percentile for weight) and at 33 inches (which puts her in the 99th percentile for height).  I can't believe how tall she's getting.  I had noticed that her pants were getting shorter, but I really thought that the growth spurts had slowed down.  

When we got to the hotel we had just enough time to run down and take a quick swim in the pool and this time Sadie loved it (last time she wasn't totally sure about it, although I did get a few giggles).  This time she laughed hysterically for the entire ten minutes, and kept pointing at the pool when we had to get out to go to a family function.  Hopefully it will warm up enough to go again today!

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