Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Sweltering Tea Party

I was debating going into town for the tea party yesterday because it was supposed to be so hot. I went against my better judgement because the idea of an afternoon tea party was so much fun, and took Sadie, along with my mom and grandmother (four generations all together), and went into town for the tea party. It was 101 degrees when we got there.

Sadie refused to take her nap all morning and fell asleep about five minutes from the tea party in the car. She actually slept through getting out of the car and stayed asleep through the first half hour of the tea party, which turned out not really to be a tea party at all, because it was so hot and no one was willing to drink hot tea (there was iced tea)!
Instead it had turned into a pool party, which not everyone was happy with. Apparently many of the guests hadn't gotten the message (I hadn't!) and were still dressed up, so most of us sweltered on the pool deck (and most of us who were dressed up were not all that happy about being splashed, which the swimmers thought was hilarious). It wasn't quite like the tea party last year, which was absolutely lovely (and much cooler)!

Sadie had fun though! They had astro turf down on the ground and she crawled around under my feet and even took a turn wearing my hat. She's at the age where she may not be happy about wearing her own things, but if she has a chance to wear Mommy's things she's ecstatic! Maybe she will keep on a veil in Church!

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