Monday, June 15, 2009

About Two Seconds from Crazy: Working Towards Getting Medi-Cal

Sadie is strolling around the living room right now, taking quick breaks now and then to check in on what's happening on Wheel of Fortune.

We had a very busy day, which nearly ended with Mommy (me) have a nervous breakdown. It started out alright. We went to Mass and then counted the money from the weekend and then headed out to breakfast. After breakfast Sadie fell asleep in the car, so we parked in the parking lot by the pool and talked for an hour while she napped. At noon the pool opened and since Sadie had been asleep for over an hour I eased her out of her car seat, which woke her up. We went for a swim and played on the astroturf by the side of the pool for a while, reapplying sunscreen twice in the one hour period. Things were going pretty well.

Then on the way home we stopped to get the mail and as I flipped through it I saw the return address. Health and Human Services. Paul and I have been trying to get health insurance since we lost it last July (a month after Sadie was born). Our application has been in the process of being processed since it finally made it's way to Medi-Cal in October of last year. That would be nine months ago. Despite the fact that I meticulously completed the list that they gave me various problems and hurdles have come up. Each time they have asked for something new I have brought it in and hand delivered it to them the very next day. Then several months of silence will pass before we are informed in a terse letter that there is some new requirement that must be met in a very short amount of time (the letter I got today said they needed the papers by tomorrow) or our application will be denied.

The new letter nearly pushed me over the edge because they informed me that I hadn't given them Paul's pay stubs from November of last year. I specifically remember making copies of those pay stubs, along with the pay stubs from October and December and checking and rechecking them before I turned them in. Unfortunately I had some sort of completely undeserved confidence in the offices ability to not lose the papers I'd given them. For some reason when I was trying to get organized, my obsessive spring cleaning got out of hand. I had put all the pay stubs from last year (and there are a lot because Paul gets paid each week) in a box. And now the box was in a storage locker. To make matters worse, when we cleaned out the room at the rest home last week those boxes went in front of my boxes. After two trips into town, a trip under the garage and two trips under the house to look for the correct box I found it (in the storage locker). I finally found them but I'll let Paul go in and deliver the copies in person. There's always some new problem when we go into the office and I just might start screaming in the middle of the office.

So, now that I've written it out I feel a bit better. Maybe this will be it. Maybe we'll have health insurance soon!

Sadie is ready for Mommy to play so I better go. Good night!

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  1. The incompetence of that office is shocking! I hope you get your insurance soon. That must be really stressful.


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