Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chunky Monkey and the Peddler's Fair

Today was a beautiful day.  Before I went to get my camera to download some pictures for the blog I glanced up at the hill on the opposite side of the river and there was a beautiful rainbow that touched down on the very top of it.  Now, less than ten minutes later, the sky is almost dark, and it looks like we may have another round of thunder heads coming in from the north east.  The wind has picked up though, so at least the mosquitoes won't bother Sadie and me when we walk down to the cabin tonight.  

Paul worked until 3 o'clock in the morning yesterday, so we knew that he would sleeping late.  When he wasn't up at eleven we headed over to Lewiston for the Peddler's Fair.  The few times we've gone to the Peddler's Fair it's mostly just been antiques and junk, but I knew that Sadie would love watching all the people walking up and down the streets.  

It ended up being very crowded in Lewiston, but I think the high point of the trip (for Sadie at least) was when Grumpa let her hold the Chunky Monkey ice cream that he was buying while we finished up our shopping at the market in town.  Sadie has figured out what ice cream is, because she gets little tiny bites when we have it, and she was pretty sure that she was going to get through the top of the Chunky Monkey to eat the ice cream that it was holding.  Her hands were almost popsicles when I took it away from her and Grumpa let her hold his watch for the rest of the trip.  

If holding the Chunky Monkey was the high point of the trip into town, the high point of the entire day came when I let her hold her own sippy cup when she was playing in the middle of the living room.  I usually take her cup away from her when she starts to spit water, but she was having so much fun that I let her be for a while (until the brand new dress that Nani had gotten her at the Peddler's fair was soaked through) and tried not to laugh too much (I don't want her to think that spitting is something we do all the time).  After taking a few real sips she got full and spent the rest of the time taking a sip out of her magenta octopus cup and then spitting the water out, and then taking another sip and then spitting it out again.  She doesn't spit the water far, it just goes down her chin, but after she'd do it she would laugh hysterically for about thirty seconds, before doing it again.  

It's almost time to go down to the cabin and the winds are so strong I can't see any of the thunderheads from my seat.  There are just little wispy clouds and the sky is pale pink.  Maybe tomorrow will be another beautiful day!

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  1. That's my FAVORITE flavor! I wouldn't let go either, cutie-pie. ;)


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