Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tomorrow's Road Trip

We've spent the day gearing up for a trip to the Bay Area with Nani and Grumpa and Nini and Gigi.  Paul and Sadie and I will be in one car and everybody else will be in the other car.  We're making the four hour (each way) drive to go to my cousin Will's high school graduation.  Our first stop, however, will be at the doctor's office tomorrow morning.  It's time for Sadie's one year immunizations.  I have been dreading this day since the last immunizations.  I hate seeing Sadie upset and she hates getting shots!  

I am hopeful that Sadie will sleep for most of the trip, but after she stubbornly resisted taking a nap all day today (she finally crashed at three o'clock this afternoon after a number of tantrums and fussing each time I tried to get her to sleep) I'm a bit less optimistic.  

I was hoping to take a break from all the packing today and take Sadie back to the pool, but some early summer thunderstorms hit and it poured down rain for a good part of the afternoon.  She did get to swing for a while on her swing on the porch (I was desperate to get her to sleep, but she resisted even the swing) but it wasn't quite as much fun as swimming.  

Sadie is in a temper tantrum phase.  When she doesn't get what she wants she throws herself onto the floor and bursts into tears.  The tears look real.  They're giant.  During other tantrums she just screams.  The other day she burst into tears three times while I was working in our church's office because she wanted to pull the giant packages of paper of the shelf (and the shelf is a little wobbly so I was worried that it was going to fall) and I wouldn't let her touch it.  She also bursts into tears almost every time we come into the house (because she wants to stay outside).  She bursts into tears when I don't turn the page fast enough when we're reading a book (which brings me to the fact that she bursts into tears each time we finish reading her favorite book).  I'm hoping that when she learns a few more words and can express herself a bit better the tantrums will starts to dwindle.  For now I've been covering her eyes and playing peekaboo with her to distract her when we come in the house.  And it works!

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  1. Crossing my fingers and toes for an easy trip for you ALL!


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