Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Little Green Mouse

I only have a few minutes before we head down to the cabin for bed, but I thought that might be enough time for a quick Sadie Update.  Sadie had a very busy day today.  After sitting like a perfect little angel during the first three quarters of Mass she managed to struggle into a position where, if she threw all her weight backwards, she was able to thunk her head on the pew in front of us.  This resulted in a bloodcurdling scream.  

She really didn't bang her head hard at all (compared to the way she throws herself onto the ground when she's in pursuit of one of the cats), but she was already a little bit cranky and so a meltdown ensued.  After standing in the back for about five minutes we made it through the rest with only a small sobbing episode at the very end.

Nani and Grumpa were in Redding today with Sadie's Great Grandma and Paul worked most of the afternoon, so Sadie and I were on our own.  We made sure the horses were fed and the vegetable garden was watered and we sat on the porch and swung on the swing (well, Sadie swung and I pushed) for a while before heading back in because of the heat.  Sadie has fallen in love with artichoke hearts and avacado (she's definitely a native Californian) and had mashed avacado and toast for dinner.

Sadie has also learned a rather clever little trick.  She realized this morning that our cat Sammie loves chasing her little green mouse.  So she grabbed the mouse and crawled into the middle of the living room floor and then dangled it between her thumb and index finger while staring at the cat who was across the room.  The next thing I knew Sammie was charging at her, eyes focused on the mouse.  Sadie managed to force cuddle Sammie before I intervened.  Fortunately both of them appear undamaged by the encounter.  And I hide the green mouse from Sadie after she repeated the scene two times.  

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