Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Angel Soft Baby

Sadie is in love with the Angel Soft Toilet Paper Baby. Nani had brought some into the house after a shopping cart but hadn't put it away yet when Sadie set eyes on the little guy. She crawled over and crawled on top of the it and looked at me. Then she leaned over and gave the baby a kiss. She gave the baby between twenty and thirty kisses tonight, but she isn't giving anyone else one.

While she went through a kissing phase where she was giving everyone kisses, that phase is (sadly) now over. I think it has become a game where she dodges kisses. I (or anyone else) leans in to kiss her and she leans away. At the last moment she'll even twist her neck so that you kiss the back of her head. Sometimes she even makes a little puckering face (a sour face, not a kissing face) to show what she thinks of kissing. I hope this phase ends quickly. Her little pecks were so sweet! I'm trying not to make a big deal of it, because I really don't want it do become a big game!

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  1. awww that so sweet. Cherish these little moments they grow up so fast!


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