Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Brave Little Climber

Delilah (one of our cats) has learned to hide in Sadie's play pen when Sadie is out and about. Sadie usually doesn't see her in there but the other day she spotted the cat and got as close to Delilah as she could though the mesh. Delilah played it cool. She's pretty confident that Sadie can't climb in and get her. Yet.

Sadie is a climber. She climbs anything that she can get her little leg up and over. She climbs her little chairs and stands on them. She spent a good portion of yesterday trying to climb into her little shopping cart. She even put her little feet on the wheels to try and get high enough to get in. I managed to convince her that putting her doll in the cart was a better solution, but I'm not fooled, she'll try again soon. Once Sadie gets it in her mind that she's going to do something, she isn't easily dissuaded.

And that brings me to the latest thing that Sadie has decided she is going to do. She is convinced that she is big enough to put her face in the water at the pool. She must have got the idea by watching everyone else, and she has decided that she is big enough to do it. She spends half of the time at the pool craning her neck to put her face in. On five separate occasions today she was close enough and she dunked her face and then jerked backwards, gasped and looked shocked. I'm constantly surprised by how brave she is.

She also tries to push off of me to swim to other people. I don't let go (and I keep her from going under water because she is still really little!). We are definitely going to have to watch her like a hawk around water. Sometimes I think she's too brave for her own good!

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