Monday, June 1, 2009

Thunder Storms in Nor Cal

The thunder rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls.  We're going into our second week of thunder storms and so far there's no end in sight.  The mornings are beautiful (and humid), but by early afternoon the thunderheads come rolling over the mountains.  Sadie hasn't really seemed to notice the sound.  I think it's because one of the horses, Sammy, spends a good portion of every 24-hour period kicking his metal feeding trough.  The sound is just like thunder and as a constant part of our day to day life it's gotten Sadie ready for thunder.

Before this series of storms we hadn't had a thunder storm in eleven months.  I can remember the day it started (June 20th) and the day it ended (June 21st) because the thunder started rolling over our  part of Northern California about an hour after my water broke and ended a few hours after Sadie was born (with over two thousand fires starting in between).  So far no fires have started  here.  In the last three summers three out of four sides of our town have burned, so I guess there aren't many places for fires to start.  That's a blessing at least!

Sadie has been cruising around the house pushing her push lion.  And she stands by herself.  She's growing so quickly!

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