Friday, June 26, 2009

Sadie's Cooking in the Kitchen

Sadie is like a little tornado, leaving a path of destruction across the downstairs area of Nani and Grumpa's house. We pick up her toys at least three times a day, which she takes as a sort of personal challenge. I think she thinks that it's time to redecorate when I clean up. She doesn't like the sink to be in place in her little kitchen, which is one of her new favorite toys. She takes the sink out and puts it in front of the kitchen so that she can see down inside the stove and microwave.

After removing the sink (two to three times a day) she ventures throughout the rest of the house, picking up whatever knicknacks that she can find and bringing them back to her kitchen. She then stuffs them inside the oven. It shouldn't have taken me five days to realize that when something has disappeared in the house that was lower than four feet off the ground, it's probably been relocated into the to oven (and can probably be spotted through the sink).

Since I started writing this blog Nani came in from watering her garden and decided to try to put the toys in the kitchen back in order. Before she was half way through Sadie came tearing across the room, picked the sink up, which had been in place for less than five seconds and flung it onto the floor. She's now cleared off the entire counter (onto the floor) and in celebration, found a binkie before standing and surveying the destruction.

Now it looks like she's headed over to untie Grumpa's shoelaces. She has so much energy and it's almost eight o'clock!

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