Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sadie's Great Grandma

We have had a very busy week.  Sadie's Great Grandmother, who had been living in a memory care facility for the past three years, passed away on Monday night, in her sleep.  We have been blessed to be able to see Hoho at least once a week during the last year since Sadie was born and Sadie really brightened her days.  Even though she wasn't able to speak very much, she would light up when she saw Sadie and Sadie would smile and coo and giggle and play peekaboo with her great grandma.  Sadie had become very popular in the home, as the only baby that was around, and would usually attract an interesting crowd of fans, most of who thought that she was a boy, no matter how fluffy or pink her dress.  
It's going to be very strange not going to the home between one and three times a week every week from now on.  

Hoho's memorial service is going to be at Point Lobos, where she grew up, on her birthday this autumn.  

Now Sadie is demanding my attention.  She's working on walking and has gotten pretty good at standing on her own.  
She stood in front of the couch for a full twenty seconds without falling, without holding on to anything!  

We also received a book by her favorite author, Karen Katz, in the mail today.  It's "Where is Baby's Birthday Cake" and while it was only opened this afternoon, we have already read it seven times.  Each time we read it she pulls herself forward at the end of the story and gives the birthday cake a kiss.  Only two weeks until her big day.  

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  1. Oh, I am sorry to hear about Hoho. :( May she rest in His peace!


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