Thursday, June 4, 2009

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Sadie is all over the place.  She's standing by herself and clapping (clapping is something that she finally really mastered today) and zooming around the downstairs behind her lion.  Twice today she tried to walk to me after standing for a while next to her lion.  Both times she took one step and then squatted down really quickly, before launching forward to crawl the rest of the distance.  I don't think it will be very long now before she's zooming around the house on her own two feet.

She has also discovered door handles.  One of the doors that leads outside opens outward (it happens to be the one next to the hearth, which is one of Sadie's favorite places).  We have to make sure it's always locked now, because if Sadie stands on her tippy toes and reaches with her finger tips she can just barely grab it and pull the handle down.  She usually has a cat on the other side of the door and when she sees a cat it always offers motivation.  

Lately the weather here has alternated between three digits and sweltering and eighty degree humid thunder storms (with pouring rain every night).  The weather, along with the mosquitoes, means we haven't spent very much time outside.  Sadie loves her time outside, although none of us realized quite how much she enjoyed it until now.  Now, whenever we come back inside, she bursts into tears and starts screaming.  Nani finally figured out that we have to say "Sadie, let's go inside and get a drink of water" before we go anywhere near the door.  Apparently getting a drink of water, preferably from a cup with a straw, is a worthy reason of going back in the house.  

Actually, I just posted this blog and as the page was loading something happened that I had to go back and add.  Sadie just stood up by herself and took two whole steps all by herself!

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  1. It is always so scary when they learn to open doors! A whole new system of baby/toddler proofing is at hand!


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