Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Tough Day

Sadie had a tough day today.  We went to Redding to see Hoho, her great grandma who hasn't been doing well.  While Sadie started out the ninety minute car ride with sleepy eyes, she fought falling asleep the entire way.  Eighty five of the minutes were spent whining (a large portion of the whining was because I wouldn't let her break the chain of my gold cross necklace) and the other five minutes were spent fussing.  The whining and fussing only quieted when I was singing silly songs and even then she was clearly unhappy.  

Later in the day we met a bunch of our family that was up to visit Hoho at Olive Garden.  Sadie was still holding out on her nap, but other than that she seemed to be doing fine.  She had even had an inch of a sixteen ounce Jamba Juice.  A few minutes after the food arrived it happened.  She leaned forward and was sick.  It was not the same as a baby being sick.  It was like a grown up being sick.  She was very, very sad.  

About a half hour later she fell asleep in my arms, slept through the transfer to the car and then slept for the next hour and a half (the drive was even longer because the freeway is being torn up and repaved and the waits on our two lane freeway are long!).  So she's having a hard day today, which is why this is a short blog.  She's feeling better now and we even sat outside of her little swimming pool and played with her rubber duck.  Hopefully she sleeps well tonight!

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