Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Dancing Bunny!

Sadie loves to pretend that she’s a tree. She thinks that the kitchen is the best place in the entire house to dance and goes in there, waving her hands in the air and pretending to be a tree like the ones outside that are “blowing in the wind.” She spins and dances and leans from side to side. It’s pretty cute (in my biased opinion anyway) to watch.

Sadie’s other favorite dance involves making “vrooming” sounds and pretending that she’s driving a tractor. Anything can be a dance these days.

She also pretends she’s a bird, a butterfly and a pony (the pony dance is one of my favorites because Sadie tries to do a little prancing step and gets so into it she almost falls over).

And where is the best possible place to dance?

In the kitchen of course!

We think that it’s because Sadie loves to hear the sound of her feet tapping as she zooms around the floor. Sometimes she even brings her penguin Mike along (a member of the penguin bowling pin set who someone forgot to sew flippers on) and they dance together in the kitchen. What fun!

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