Monday, February 22, 2010

More on the Big Girl Bed

Sadie woke up after only forty minutes of napping. Since she’d gone to sleep at 1:30 (she’s starting pushing her nap back two hours, but it means she sleeps for longer) I knew she would be cranky if she didn’t get back to sleep, and after several unsuccessful tries I brought her up into the big bed and laid down next to her. She was instantly out.

An hour and a half later (our nap turned into a Super Nap) she was wide awake. She sat up, hugged a stuffed animal and looked around the room with a slightly confused look on her face as if she were trying to figure out how she got there. So I decided to ask her a question.

“Sadie, where is your Big Girl Bed.”

She gets a little smile and then points at the bed we’re sitting on.

“But where’s Mommy’s bed.”

The little smile gets bigger and more mischievous and she pauses before pointing to the same spot.

“But where is the Big Girl Bed Sadie sleeps in at night.”

Points again to bed she’s in.

After about five rounds of this I leaned back and pointed to her bed and said, “but what about that bed.”

Sadie’s smile got even bigger, she did this little fake “surprised” look and then started pointed to the “Big Girl Bed.”

I was pretty funny though seeing her try to convince me that she was in “her” bed and that she didn’t know what I was talking about!

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